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    1. Decent

      i wasnt being that serious tbh. in all honesty, shouldnt have posted this. just in my opinion, having 1 high pop server is more enjoyable than multiple low pop ones. hopefully thats a bit more understandable
    2. Decent

      good stuff
    3. Decent

    4. since the role assignment update i've noticed a very significant increase in random players taking team speak roles (transport pilot, CAS, UAV) probably as the roles arent as far down to scroll to and they arent given a warning to join teamspeak until the role is selected. perhaps add text next to the role that reads "JOIN TEAMSPEAK TS.STRAYA.LIFE". its just starting to get annoying with the amount of players landing directly infront of spawn, crashing etc.
    5. Decent

      why not, another red bull one would be cool
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