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  1. -simon

    learn to fly the big heli's then so you have "something" to do. you can supply the fob, do medevac, POW whilst your waiting. at the very least you wont be waiting more than 5+ minutes for infantry at base. Doesn't sound right that we should have a less variety of helicopters because you werent able to get to AO evac first.
  2. -simon

    Even though the game/altis life is dying its always good to look on the bright side! I&A reached peak server pop last night! Congrats
  3. -simon

    So this thread is spiralling...
  4. -simon

    if you aim on it and click it, it'll die
  5. -simon

    "AREA 51" please and thanks :)))))
  6. i remember joining straya roughly a year ago and started piloting etc a few weeks after. i had a pretty strong desire to meet and talk to people that liked the same game as me and even become "known" within the community. personally i feel like i've met enough people and made a few friends to say that im known and it feels really good to be in the state i am. i truly do get excited to jump on in the evenings and talk to the people i now consider as mates and wanna take this time to thank you all. seriously, thank you.
  7. -simon

    i wasnt being that serious tbh. in all honesty, shouldnt have posted this. just in my opinion, having 1 high pop server is more enjoyable than multiple low pop ones. hopefully thats a bit more understandable
  8. -simon

    good stuff
  9. -simon

  10. since the role assignment update i've noticed a very significant increase in random players taking team speak roles (transport pilot, CAS, UAV) probably as the roles arent as far down to scroll to and they arent given a warning to join teamspeak until the role is selected. perhaps add text next to the role that reads "JOIN TEAMSPEAK TS.STRAYA.LIFE". its just starting to get annoying with the amount of players landing directly infront of spawn, crashing etc.
  11. -simon

    why not, another red bull one would be cool