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    1. Uncle Toby

      Name: UncleToby Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): Date of Disciplinary Action: 25/09/2019 (and somewhat the 24th) What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: APD Strike, 3 Day Suspension & Final Warning Who were you Disciplined by: Both John & Milkdud Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Corruption Why the appeal should be accepted (50 Words): First and foremost, I am sorry for what I did, although it may make me sound like a broken record for the 10th time, I still to this day don't know why the **** I did what I did. Including as to how I could have been as much of a dumb **** to have sent that message, I know that is not me, and that is not what I would do, yet still, what's done is done and the damage has already been inflicted in all regards. The first reason as to why I think I my appeal should be accepted is because I am one of the most dedicated and hard working players towards the APD (not trying to be self-proclaiming). Eventually I would like to make it to Super or even Chief Super one day. I have proven that I want this by spending so much of my own time on the server on cop. I have been a GD Sergeant, a Senior Detective and I am now, after a lot of hard work the 2nd In Command of SRT with a team that likes & respects each-other both as people and as players. Having an APD strike isn't the best role-modeling for both my team and the rest of the APD, especially if you are the highest ranking in your division. Having an APD strike as a head of a division makes you look like you are a bad role-model and a bad leader and taints the SRT name which is painful, especially if you are the acting commander of that division. Although some may think that it has not been long enough for me to have fully evaluated and acknowledged the severity of that actions that took place, I can wholeheartedly say that nothing can be said or hinted at to me to make it any clearer that I did was wrong and that I am lucky to have been given a second chance. And it has most certainly been made crystal clear to me that doing this again one hundred percent certain to get me blacklisted so mark my words, it will not happen again. I am lucky to have been given a second chance after what I have done and I will prove that it is for the better. Please allow me to stop tainting the SRT name any further and show what it really means to be in command of SRT.
    2. Uncle Toby

    3. Team Name - SRT UncleToby - 76561198113449842 Holski - 76561198077457911 Sean. - 76561198154851163 Kmart - 76561198440063733 Tonic - 76561198202441255 STITCH - 76561198169971606 SUB - Connor McGregor - 76561198148166004
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      The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
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      I could have gone on floating through space forever.
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      Don't worry guys, I have got you all...
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    12. You ever played Darkside? yeah go have a look at their gas and knockdowns.
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