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    1. Uncle Toby

    2. Team Name - SRT UncleToby - 76561198113449842 Kmart - 76561198440063733 Holski - 76561198077457911 JoshieYeezy - 76561198144273408 †onic - 76561198202441255 .Sean - 76561198154851163 -Subs - STITCH - 76561198169971606 Fraz - 76561198156761670
    3. Uncle Toby

      My name is Jeff
    4. Uncle Toby

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    7. Uncle Toby

      Name: UncleToby Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): Date of Disciplinary Action: 25/09/2019 (and somewhat the 24th) What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: APD Strike, 3 Day Suspension & Final Warning Who were you Disciplined by: Both John & Milkdud Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Corruption Why the appeal should be accepted (50 Words): As I have already made it very clear to everyone and I cannot say it enough, I am sorry for what I did, I seriously don't know why the **** I did it and it makes me feel like a complete dumb **** every time I think about it, but nevertheless here I am. The first reason that I think that my appeal should be accepted is because I am very dedicated to the APD, most of all being my SRT team, I am as active as I can be and I try and make it as fun as I can for them, all I want to be is a good commander and maybe one day reach the rank of Chief Superintendent, and trust me I already know that doing dumb shit like sending a message to abort 10 seconds before a house raid is most certainly not going to help me get there, not gonna lie. Having an APD strike especially as an SRT command team member is really bad role modeling, not only for my team but also the whole APD, as most players want to go for SRT having an APD strike makes them think that it is okay to have one, and then go out and do dumb shit just because I have one. Hopefully with one of my members reaching Team Lead I will then be able to move up, but in order for that to happen, I must first have the APD strike removed, so I will say it once again, I am sorry for doing what I did, and I can assure you that it will not happen again.
    8. Uncle Toby

      Name: UncleToby Callsign: [S07E] Assignment: Special Response Team Training Completed By: FarmerGeroge Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) Ever since I joined the APD I always had hopes of one day making it to command, over the past year I have been lucky enough to be accepted into SRT and worked my way up the ranks and achieved the divisional rank of second in command, and even luckier I have a team of members that aren't toxic and are very dedicated to the APD (apart from Kmart, he is trash). I hope that they would agree with me in saying that I am dedicated and skilled enough to inherit the rank of Inspector, over the next few months the Special Response Team will under come changes and hopefully by the end of it I will be in command officially. Most of my spare time I spend on the server with the boys out on ops, trying to be as proactive to the team as I possibly can, and in return there is a mutual respect within the team, and in order for them to progress through the ranks, so must I, so hopefully one day I am seen fit enough to be an Inspector with the APD. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Anyone who likes or loves the post.
    9. Uncle Toby

      Give me Staff Murder I killed Kat on civ the other day, and also make a award just for Kat called: "Teamkiller" as I can probably put a monage of Kat team-killing me.
    10. Uncle Toby

    11. Uncle Toby

    12. Uncle Toby

      -Gets house raid dec sent to him -Combat logs -Blows up house -Gets banned -Posts video of me being corrupt 4 weeks ago.
    13. Uncle Toby

    14. Team Name - SRT UncleToby - 76561198113449842 Holski - 76561198077457911 Sean. - 76561198154851163 Kmart - 76561198440063733 Tonic - 76561198202441255 STITCH - 76561198169971606 SUB - Connor McGregor - 76561198148166004
    15. Uncle Toby

      The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
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