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    1. Uncle Toby

    2. Uncle Toby

    3. Team Name - SRT UncleToby - 76561198113449842 Kmart - 76561198440063733 Holski - 76561198077457911 JoshieYeezy - 76561198144273408 †onic - 76561198202441255 .Sean - 76561198154851163 -Subs - STITCH - 76561198169971606 Fraz - 76561198156761670
    4. Uncle Toby

      My name is Jeff
    5. Uncle Toby

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    7. Uncle Toby

      Name: UncleToby Callsign: [S07E] Assignment: Special Response Team Training Completed By: FarmerGeroge Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) Ever since I joined the APD I always had hopes of one day making it to command, over the past year I have been lucky enough to be accepted into SRT and worked my way up the ranks and achieved the divisional rank of second in command, and even luckier I have a team of members that aren't toxic and are very dedicated to the APD (apart from Kmart, he is trash). I hope that they would agree with me in saying that I am dedicated and skilled enough to inherit the rank of Inspector, over the next few months the Special Response Team will under come changes and hopefully by the end of it I will be in command officially. Most of my spare time I spend on the server with the boys out on ops, trying to be as proactive to the team as I possibly can, and in return there is a mutual respect within the team, and in order for them to progress through the ranks, so must I, so hopefully one day I am seen fit enough to be an Inspector with the APD. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Anyone who likes or loves the post.
    8. Uncle Toby

      Give me Staff Murder I killed Kat on civ the other day, and also make a award just for Kat called: "Teamkiller" as I can probably put a monage of Kat team-killing me.
    9. Uncle Toby

    10. Uncle Toby

    11. Uncle Toby

      -Gets house raid dec sent to him -Combat logs -Blows up house -Gets banned -Posts video of me being corrupt 4 weeks ago.
    12. Uncle Toby

    13. Team Name - SRT UncleToby - 76561198113449842 Holski - 76561198077457911 Sean. - 76561198154851163 Kmart - 76561198440063733 Tonic - 76561198202441255 STITCH - 76561198169971606 SUB - Connor McGregor - 76561198148166004
    14. Uncle Toby

      The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
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