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    Assignment : General Duties Hopefully I don't have to make a new one
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    "Well, bust my buffers!"
  4. With the introduction of gang funds in previous updates, it would be nice for whitelisted factions like the APD to receive a similar system. A way of implementation would be Superintendents+ would be the only members allowed to withdraw / toggle use of the funds, to ensure trolling and misuse isn't common. Commands / 2iCs of GD and Divisions would allow their officers to use a portion of the APD Budget when needed instead of inflating the server with what I currently believe is 50 Million for the entire department to split. The amount of money in the funds will 100% reflect the efforts and dedication of the APD as a whole. This would put a bigger emphasis on divisional members like SRT to control capture points for money, CIU for illegal run takedowns / house raids. Capture points should have a smaller amount deposited into the funds in general (50% of Rebel amounts) to help simulate a government funding the department and paying more realistic prices to help compensate any overpowering funds. Whenever an officer lethals a civilian, the officer should keep half of their bounty (as usual) and the remaining half be deposited into the APD Funds. This will benefit both the officer and the department. When sending someone to jail / ticketing a civilian, officers would keep the majority of the bounty and a small portion be placed into the funds. The amount given can be changed or remain the same according to rank (whichever one seems better for Cabinet / The Dev Team.) This will also push for more use on non lethal methods when approaching civilians. Operations combating illegal runs would also have an impact on the budget with the most recent update requiring land based vehicles for runs now. Whenever seizing illegal goods, the seizing officer would receive majority of the value and a small portion be given to the funds. Implementing the Impound Yard and reworking the impound yard would also be a good benefit to the server and the budget. Whenever an officer impounds a vehicle, the officer will keep the value of the vehicle impounded (no change), and the vehicle will be stored in the impound yards spread across the map in different cities. If a civilian wants to retrieve an impounded vehicle, they must pay a fee depending on the vehicle that was impounded. This will also give the impound yards a proper purpose that wasn't implemented when they were added and felt like they were useless. Civilian Vehicles = $2500 Rebel Vehicles= $10,000 With this implementation, this rewards the APD as a whole whenever officers may be financially struggling due to the lost of hunters at banks or divisional members requiring bigger weapons at important major robberies or a rebel takeover. This will make the APD Budget more realistic and directly reflect how the APD operates and how they may be rewarded in return of their efforts and time. Thank you for reading my midnight ideas,
  5. Not exactly sure if the forum suggestions is the right place but, the recruit to Probationary Constable phase needs to be changed up to ensure newer white listed officers have enough time on cop to fully understand the day to day operations in General Duties and in Operations. Even with the 15 hour requirements, I've noticed Probationary Constables still somewhat clueless on topics in GD. With that being said, I propose an evaluation ride along for new recruits that have enlisted to become a P. Constable, the ride along would take 30 minutes to an hour or however long the academy member feels like is required to fully evaluate the member. It would ensure new members on how to properly patrol and behave in the server while patrolling where situations are not in easily controlled and give a false sense of a recruit's RP skills and functionality. With Sydney LAC becoming more hard to deal with, it would definitely give recruits more time to learn protocols and judge a recruit's judgement and maturity than the simple Google Forms document that any 13 year old, including me a year ago, could fill and pass successfully. @Michael Phelps Thank you for listening to my TedTalk.
  6. Johny V.

    Sergeant Expression of Interest Name: Johny V. Callsign: K21W Assignment: Special Response Team Training Completed By: @Jot List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Dylan, Mike, NoodleBoi, @Martyn., Fegget, GrimReaper, TJ Big Mac, Intel, @Nicholai, Delta, Anno, Tenpenny, Immortal Makaveli, Hype Beast, Sans101, JoshW, Other, Synix, Voodoo, Corey, Bobby Jones, Jedisaki, Manti, NikolaBushka, Jacob, Koby Turner, UsMarineGuy, Ainsley Dormer, CharlesStafford, Craig, Cheezus, Thomas Jefferson, Wilson1100, Home, House, NoahX, Fredrick, McKenzie, Bisher1, M4GIC, Maniti, Chou Ming. Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe I deserve a promotion to Sergeant as I'm confident and knowledgeable when Commanding Sydney LAC, and in operations. With my experience in the Altis Police Department that is amount upwards of past a year now, I've learned and mastered how to CO both General Duties and in Operations. As there has been an increase of officers joining the department, I've noticed a lack of Sergeants taking CO of Operations, leaving majors unsupervised with channels of Constables and Recruits unsure on how to push banks. I wish to use my experience and knowledge to the best of my abilities and to the interest of the APD and it's officers. Who would recommend you for a promotion?: @Jeb @Fraz @China @deadpool21 Hamish, Martyn, @JoshieYeezy, Dredal, Sean, @Archie Poland, @Sterling Archer, Jot, @Amber, Jack The Fat Snack, @Delta, @Citric,
  7. Johny V.

    @FarmerGeorge98 Yeah, that animation looks for possible lighting to our vehicles, it would certainly be better than our current lighting positions and numbers, allowing our vehicles to be brighter during the day. The sirens on the video above would be amazing if it was implemented into the server and we are able to select which siren is being played.
  8. Johny V.

    Would it be possible to talk with development team and possibly add in a new siren script/tones, the current sirens are a big meme and are probably the most useless thing the APD currently have besides Air HQ. Would we be able to introduce newer tones that are louder and actually catch the attention of civs and not represent our vehicles as a circus as the current sirens sound like they are for clowns. Being able to switch to different sounds and having a brighter lighting would assist our image in the department and improve role play in Sydney.
  9. Johny V.

    Would the team speak be able to receive a dedicated channel for officers watching Prison or somehow, miraculously role playing in prison , would honestly be a lot better organizational wise to not see officers in SYD LAC thinking they are actually doing GD, but instead sitting at prison. An official dec inside of the prison channel or even Sydney LAC that would actually tell the pilot of a breakout to fly away from the area instead of 'STOP RUNNING/YOUR HELI/YOUR VEHICLE AND PLACE YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!' , having them land inside of the prison which defeats the intentions of deccing on a pilot to have them leave the area. Thank you for coming and listening to my very rushed Ted Talk. ?
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    ez sgt. ???
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    Name: Johny V. Callsign: K05W Training Completed By: Luke & 80% of Academy List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Synix, Voodoo, Corey, Bobby Jones, Jedisaki, Nikolushka, Koby Turner, Tigers, Gingi, Ainsley Dormer, Charles Stafford, Craig, Cheezus, Thomas Jefferson , Wilson1100, Home, House, NoahX, Fredrick, McKenzie, Bisher1, M4GIC/Abu , Maniti, Chou Ming. Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe I deserve a promotion as I've been very active within the APD getting on and patrolling whenever my timezone allowed it and staying up all night COing or patrolling. With my experience as a previous Sergeant and Senior Constable, I am able to take charge of General Duties as a CO and efficiently ensure officers are partnered up, clear of any confusion, and are aware of protocol. With being ex SRT and experience in dealing with Westpac Bank robberies, I am able to CO for those and know where officers could push from, majority of locations rebels like to sit at, and ensure officers are aware of how to deal with them correctly. I have always been professional, aware of my comms especially in SYD LAC, and helping out the newer recruits with how to process or deal with civilians. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Delta, DreadScythe, Viper, Antho, Hyde, Anubis, China, Anyone who likes this.
  12. Johny V.

    Somethings I would love to see implemented or at least see a trial of how things are going is different set stations like Melbourne or Brisbane where patrols are actually common and not a once in a month occurrence. This would change patrols up, give more patrol coverage, actually give officers experience in dealing with Rebels, and to evolve from staying in Sydney where I personally believe officers are getting bored quickly and are becoming inactive. This change would allow more than 1 Co running at a time, proving other Senior Constables to be worthy from their leadership capabilities and running their patrols to their needs within guidelines. If the stations are very unbalances like 2 in Sydney and 7-8 at Melbourne, a Sergeant or Senior Sergeant would be in charge of redeploying officers to what the station needs. Example . Chaos in SYD Bridge, Melbourne station of currently 6 would send 3-4 officers to reinforce Sydney while Melbourne is currently quite/dead. Any feedback is appreciated or opinions on this matter.
  13. Johny V.

    "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
  14. Johny V.

    +1 . He's active in the APD, aware of situations and how to quickly deal with them. Holski is an approachable person that can assist you and is experienced in the force.
  15. Johny V.

    Name: Johny V. Callsign: K02W Training Completed By: SilentKiller List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Chou Ming - Maniti - M4GIC - Bisher1 - McKenzie - FredRick - NoahX - Home - House - Wilson1100 - Thomas Jefferson More will be placed down Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe I deserve the chance of a promotion to Sergeant in the APD for various different reasons. Starting off, I'm very active on StrayaGaming as it's the only server I enjoy roleplaying on as Police. I've also been trying my best to complete induction trainings whenever one requires it. During my time as a Commanding Officer in GD, I have always felt confident in my orders, decision making, and answers when one has requested my assistance like in processing or general inquires. With my time in the APD, my knowledge base has increased significantly with different play styles, popular hot spots in Sydney, new techniques against rebels, and various different ways I can interact with civilians and enjoy the roleplay. I believe I am able to provide significantly much more at the rank of Sergeant like actively adding charges to suspects, willingly pulling Hunters, as well as better control over standard General Duties. Who would recommend you for a promotion? : @Holski , @deadpool21 , @Maverick , @Bill Props , @Mr Hyde , @Maniti , @Delta , @Dando