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  1. Johny V.

    +1 Good man
  2. Johny V.

    Would the team speak be able to receive a dedicated channel for officers watching Prison or somehow, miraculously role playing in prison , would honestly be a lot better organizational wise to not see officers in SYD LAC thinking they are actually doing GD, but instead sitting at prison. An official dec inside of the prison channel or even Sydney LAC that would actually tell the pilot of a breakout to fly away from the area instead of 'STOP RUNNING/YOUR HELI/YOUR VEHICLE AND PLACE YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!' , having them land inside of the prison which defeats the intentions of deccing on a pilot to have them leave the area. Thank you for coming and listening to my very rushed Ted Talk.
  3. Johny V.

    +1 Good Sgt, would love to see him in a further leadership position
  4. Johny V.

    ez sgt.
  5. Johny V.

    Name: Johny V. Callsign: K05W Training Completed By: Luke & 80% of Academy List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Synix, Voodoo, Corey, Bobby Jones, Jedisaki, Nikolushka, Koby Turner, Tigers, Gingi, Ainsley Dormer, Charles Stafford, Craig, Cheezus, Thomas Jefferson , Wilson1100, Home, House, NoahX, Fredrick, McKenzie, Bisher1, M4GIC/Abu , Maniti, Chou Ming. Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe I deserve a promotion as I've been very active within the APD getting on and patrolling whenever my timezone allowed it and staying up all night COing or patrolling. With my experience as a previous Sergeant and Senior Constable, I am able to take charge of General Duties as a CO and efficiently ensure officers are partnered up, clear of any confusion, and are aware of protocol. With being ex SRT and experience in dealing with Westpac Bank robberies, I am able to CO for those and know where officers could push from, majority of locations rebels like to sit at, and ensure officers are aware of how to deal with them correctly. I have always been professional, aware of my comms especially in SYD LAC, and helping out the newer recruits with how to process or deal with civilians. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Delta, DreadScythe, Viper, Antho, Hyde, Anubis, China, Anyone who likes this.
  6. Johny V.

    Somethings I would love to see implemented or at least see a trial of how things are going is different set stations like Melbourne or Brisbane where patrols are actually common and not a once in a month occurrence. This would change patrols up, give more patrol coverage, actually give officers experience in dealing with Rebels, and to evolve from staying in Sydney where I personally believe officers are getting bored quickly and are becoming inactive. This change would allow more than 1 Co running at a time, proving other Senior Constables to be worthy from their leadership capabilities and running their patrols to their needs within guidelines. If the stations are very unbalances like 2 in Sydney and 7-8 at Melbourne, a Sergeant or Senior Sergeant would be in charge of redeploying officers to what the station needs. Example . Chaos in SYD Bridge, Melbourne station of currently 6 would send 3-4 officers to reinforce Sydney while Melbourne is currently quite/dead. Any feedback is appreciated or opinions on this matter.
  7. Johny V.

    "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
  8. Johny V.

    +1 . He's active in the APD, aware of situations and how to quickly deal with them. Holski is an approachable person that can assist you and is experienced in the force.
  9. Johny V.

    Name: Johny V. Callsign: K02W Training Completed By: SilentKiller List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Chou Ming - Maniti - M4GIC - Bisher1 - McKenzie - FredRick - NoahX - Home - House - Wilson1100 - Thomas Jefferson More will be placed down Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe I deserve the chance of a promotion to Sergeant in the APD for various different reasons. Starting off, I'm very active on StrayaGaming as it's the only server I enjoy roleplaying on as Police. I've also been trying my best to complete induction trainings whenever one requires it. During my time as a Commanding Officer in GD, I have always felt confident in my orders, decision making, and answers when one has requested my assistance like in processing or general inquires. With my time in the APD, my knowledge base has increased significantly with different play styles, popular hot spots in Sydney, new techniques against rebels, and various different ways I can interact with civilians and enjoy the roleplay. I believe I am able to provide significantly much more at the rank of Sergeant like actively adding charges to suspects, willingly pulling Hunters, as well as better control over standard General Duties. Who would recommend you for a promotion? : @Holski , @deadpool21 , @Maverick , @Bill Props , @Mr Hyde , @Maniti , @Delta , @Dando