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    This might be a lot of work for @Fitz but, could implement a system where the transport points are like a store. You transport people to get points then you can buy good/bad jets with those points. Buzzard could be free and the rest all cost, then that way people can get the jets they want. You could also keep the current transport point scheme just as a leader board so people can still flex how many points they get in a week but, the jets will utilize a different scheme.
  2. Tango Yankee

    Should host a Temporary Gmod DarkRP server over the school holidays while Gmod sparks up. But its dead ATM. Would love to play TTT tho.
  3. Tango Yankee

    I could have gone on floating through space forever. I could have gone on floating through space forever. I could have gone on floating through space forever.
  4. Tango Yankee

    Hey all. Just a funny upload from when the bois AKA BigRed, Simon, Noskire and Yeet where playing I&A. Enjoy.
  5. Tango Yankee

    Have a look at this. What do you guys think? @BigRed
  6. Side Mission Dilemmas Typically when the Side Mission is completed if you don't call dibs or if you don't hustle your ass over to the reward someone else will take it. To create a new way of solving this problem you could implement a system much like the current transport point scheme where if you are within 2km's of the Side Mission when it completes you earn points. You could them implement a system like what Altis Life has when you buy vehicles from a terminal and have options to utilise those points gathered and a vehicle spawns on a selected location. Obviously, a Prowler AT could only be like 10 points for say but a Armed Blackfish might be 100 and, at the end of every side mission you could only get lets say 90 points based on the average completion rate of the Side Mission the points can vary. For instance, the Enemy Regenerator could only give 60 points as it is fairly easy but, the Rescue POW as it has a 22% completion rate could give 120 points. This would also give incentive for users to complete harder missions and join with other users to complete it. One problem that may be faced is that if 2 people complete the Side Mission cooperatively then effectively they will receive double the standard points and be able to spawn two rewards. To solve this issue you could add a point-transfer system which allows users to transfer a selected amount of points to another user to they can together get a reward to share. So less points per completion but can share points. Another way to solve this issue is to have a rate of change on the points received, compared to the amount of people completing the Side Mission compared to its difficulty. To show an example of how this system might work. Thanks for reading if you got this far....
  7. Tango Yankee

    Should do Operation Okra, Australian Defence Force coalition join ops mission in the Middle East.
  8. Tango Yankee

    Just as the server restarted.... https://imgur.com/a/VrVaGij