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    1. Expostech

      Bergen crafting bug

      Crafting a Bergen without a bag on your back will cause all of the crafting items to be used but you will not receive a Bergen.
    2. Update: to fix the glitched m320 follow the following steps. 1) Take an m320 mag out of your houses inventory. 2) Open your inventory and store the mag on the ground. 3) Take the m320 out of your houses main inventory. 4) Open your inventory and drag the m320 mag from the ground into the mag slot on the m320. Your m320 is now fully functional DO NOT STORE THE M320 WITH A MAG EQUIPPED OR IT WILL BE BUGGED AGAIN
    3. Update: the only way you can use the mags is if you put them on the ground or in a crate, equip the m320, open you inventory and drag the mags from the ground or crate section into the mag slot on the gun.
    4. Storing an m320 with a loaded mag and a sight equipped in your houses inventory turns it into an ammo black hole. I the you are holding m320 mags and equip the glitched m320 from your houses inventory you will lose all of the mags you are holding.
    5. When crafting items with ingredients stored in a vehicle, the ingredients are removed but not their weight.
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