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  1. Uebiym

    "Dying" not dead. You can't even deny it. Look at your player numbers, they are lower then they were a year ago. And it's in a steady decline. I'm only going by graphs and facts.
  2. Uebiym

    It's rather unfortunate that Straya is slowly becoming what we all feared. I guess the saying "The king doesn't live forever" is rather true. Either its in a month or a year or 2 years, Straya will die like almost all community. Given we won't be seeing Arma 4 for another 3-4 years, I'm feeling doubtful you's can milk Arma 3 that long while still keeping the community. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Uebiym

    Wow, this is really unfortunate, you've been such a respected and excellent member of this community, it's sad to see you go. You'll always be one of the greats!
  4. Uebiym

    This is still in discussion with everyone involved, feel free to join TS and poke me if you'd like to talk about the mechanics. It would help give ideas and allow me to take notes of issues we may over look.
  5. Uebiym

    Dark and Foggy atmosphere Feedback much appreciated
  6. Uebiym

    Update #1 Plane wreck / camp
  7. Uebiym

    Haha, yeah it's pretty similar. My idea was to have a bit of randomness and dynamics to it. Yeah, from the limited map I've made yet without any scripts it's actually pretty fun. I feel like I've got the mood and atmosphere correct too. ?
  8. Hello everyone, I'd like to first off say hello to this community. Many of you won't know me as I used to go by the name Tulgieth, I played Wasteland mostly and never used the forums, mostly a lurker. But I've been working on an idea and below I'll explain as much as my 5:00am morning brain can remember.. I'm making this post, in the hopes it grabs the attention of @LuckyB33f @Connor. @James32 @Red @Fitz @Lotza @jacob potty @M9' for something new and fresh, while maybe not a long term game-mode it could turn into one with a lot of replay value. My proposal is a game mode called "Predator". Yes it's exactly what it sounds like, a game mode based of the iconic movie. The way the game would work, is there would be a total of 20-30 players, 1-4 Predators (with a load-out designed to replicate their advantage in the movie), 16-20 Survivors who only have an empty pistol with a flash light, and 1 player whom we would call "Arnold" He would spawn with a relatively simple load-out allowing him to assist the survivors but not totally threaten the Predator. (no GPS or compass for the Survivors, Arnold could perhaps have a compass) The game is set at night time (on the Tanoa map) with very thick fog, giving a challenging atmosphere, over time (roughly 30 minutes per game) the fog begins to clear to give you around 30-40m of clear viewing distance. The end goal for the Predator is to kill all Survivors and Arnold, the end goal for the Survivors and Arnold is to escape the small island (Likely a scripted helicopter landing) The Survivors will be able to loot various areas for useful tools and small arms weapons to help fend of any Predators but this loot will be fairly rare. If anyone from StrayaGaming would like this idea looked into by higher ups please make it known on the forums so maybe this could end up being a real thing. I would love to answer any questions and take ideas. Below I will post a few concept ideas, and various island designs I've been working on so far. PS: This game mode would be totally vanilla using the Tanoa map, requiring no mods. (Game is set at night in heavy fog) (Concept art / loading image) (Custom ruins) (Small ship wreck used by the homeless of the island) (Small homeless cave) (Top down view of the island) (Scale view of the island)
  9. Uebiym

    Pumpkin Eater
  10. While I'm not a hardcore life player. I somewhat agree with people saying SPMG's and Navids not being added. These weapons are extremely powerful, but I don't think they should be fully removed. The system to acquire them should be extremely pricey, and lengthy to obtain. The experience of these weapons should force rebels to think twice about using them in a high risk situation, given if you loose them you may loose a day or two of grinding. I'd also like to make a point being, we should add the little mini radar tank. It's not too powerful or armored, and provides a counter to spike strips. Obviously only the radar version would be aloud. Let me know what you think, or any other constructive ideas you all have.
  11. Uebiym

    Shit is funny as heck.