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    1. Salty Silver

      i agree with Neanp if you want to buy a vehicle of a high end caliber and your running around with 50k+ on you, there should be a chance or a risk factor to get there the whole point of wasteland is PVP and its also a chance game as well, i my self have lost a few 100k from the old dash from atm to the airport. atms are well placed even though i get frustrated when trying to buy vehicles when u gotta drive up to 2ks but u get to learn to bring money
    2. Salty Silver

      totally agree with you on this one
    3. Salty Silver

      That's what ya call a epilepsy fit and a half. but good spotting
    4. Salty Silver

      Robbery's spice shit up no need to make them 2 hour cool downs, just don't de-gear issue solved
    5. Salty Silver

      This is a guide to being a pro at Arma 3 Combat 1. Basically just find a gun which suits you. 2. Once you find that gun just learn to shoot do lots of attachments changes just cause you might find the one you like. 3. Once you have Learned how to use the gun. join Straya gaming Altis life and your officially a god. no piggy's can kill you know If these steps are not working repeat steps 1 and 2 again. if you have further trouble follow these steps: Step 1: Open the Steam client and log in. Step 2: Click the “library” tab in the top navigation menu. Step 3: Locate and right-click the Arma 3 in your library, which should then open a drop-down menu. On that drop-down, click “uninstall.” Step 4: Steam will confirm with you whether you want to completely delete the game. Don't hesitate, click the “delete” button.
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