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    With the rise in player count reaching an all-time high, there are a lot of things that needed to address and discussed. Primarily focusing on the rules for Altis life they're obviously haven't been changed or adapted for a 100+ player Sydney where gangs and retards constantly slam into you with hemmets, vans, and fuel trucks and knock you down without repercussions. "Why don't you take them up?" as a consistent player I want to see straya grow and garner a consistent player base and I personally believe that getting someone banned for a day, week or month severely hinders its ability to grow, so in saying that I believe putting rules forward where it allows players to deal with these situations themselves in-game is the way forward. These rules being. - Knocking someone down is considered a one-way initiation, meaning you are allowed to kill the person who knocked you out. - Sling loading a vehicle is a one-way initiation, meaning the owner of the vehicle and his fellow gang members may shoot the player (attempting to) sling load the vehicle and said player’s gang. - If you’re victim to intentional VDM you may shoot the driver only. This does not allow your gang members to open fire at the vehicle that has VDM’d you. - You're allowed to shoot someone who has lockpicked or stolen your car (You must witness the action, you can't kill someone for driving in your car). - You cannot knock someone out when you're in the animation of pulling out a weapon. - Make you’re able to read gang tags as an official rule. Not a rule in some forum posts none of these new players haven't seen. These are rules on other servers where I believe they improve the quality of life.
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    manger kmart
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    He's just following our newly appointed chief superintendent
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    Sergeant Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not entitled to the rank Sergeant and it can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your EOI, if you do it will be denied. Name: chane Callsign: K21W Assignment: SRT Training Completed By: Johnny V List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Armando Wolf, Mushi, Andrew Thompson, Kinggeorge, Jaz, Izybum, Ryan, Clazo, gurryzor, Jayk Stickels, Kaeleb, Ecliipse, BOXH3AD, Jye R, Jayden, Brodee, Chedderbob, edwin89001, spitzy, Johann_senft, Azza, Vegemite, Donatello, Quinlet, Angus, Coolkicks, bluballz, Harry, Jesse, Benjamin Y, Lzybum(2nd induction) Blake dehaas, AKL, Clen Calderon, Ioneo, Sheep, Surey, Levia, Curse, Elliot, Jordan, Flance, Undis, Tai, Daniel, Ckliv, MoMo, vizzN, isac, Timothy, Dallas, James, Fensuleyk, Nick Mcbeath, Trigger, Attics mcbeath, ArchAngel2557, Aaron, Tally, Randall(feelsbadman) yeaththeboys, Bett, Carl Johnsoon, theriley, Burto, Bigbenno, Lukey, yavuz, brodee(second induction), Tony Kelly, Tyrone, Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) Throughout my time in general duties I've always stepped up and taken a leadership role, whether that be CO banking, restoring sydney from a cadoic mess, to helping newcomers find their way. Leading is something I personally enjoy and something I want to now demonstrate within SRT. I wish to transfer the skills I learned from GD(being a previous sgt) and put them into SRT, where I can build on the foundation that I established and aspire to take on a command role within my division. In turn I believe I deserve a promotion for my leadership capabilities (which have already been established during my time as a sergeant for GD), my activity and the chemistry that I have established with command and SRT. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Holski, Fraz.
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    yikes, and thats from a paramedic ...
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    Because youre the most respectful person zarco.
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    Wait, this man really put a drone frag in his montage????
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    Why do you even post on threads
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    actually yes. You also never mentions holski for srt, even lied about him begging you for ridealongs
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    Surely you add a tl;dr to your essays
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    youre in
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