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  1. China

    sequel was better
  2. China

    you dont want that
  3. China

    Just do stuff near sydney.
  4. China

  5. China

    "Beware the easy path. Knowledge grows only through challenge."
  6. China

    this man has single handily ran, got booted, rejoined, and is still going hard. undoubtedly the most dedicated academy member, and truly wants polair to prevail
  7. China

    Prison should be an aa area, like every other server. break out is too easy
  8. China

    Obviously haven't dropped 1.5mil on apds ?
  9. China

    They're not ied's my guy
  10. China

    "The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."
  11. China

    Don't hold towers you'll be right
  12. China

    Cops get money for impounding cars and civilians are encouraged by the use of "chop-shops". But I would like to see more negative consequences for Sydney related gangs such as BFB who pull out a hundred vans and hemmet transports. Perhaps a scrap-yard where cars get sent to be destroyed and the civilians have the opportunity to break in and get them back; Just a suggestion but could make Sydney a somewhat more dynamic place than what it currently is.
  13. China

    Can we implement 4-hour restarts? the current fps for Altis is terrible and unplayable. It should require about zero effort
  14. China

    With the rise in player count reaching an all-time high, there are a lot of things that needed to address and discussed. Primarily focusing on the rules for Altis life they're obviously haven't been changed or adapted for a 100+ player Sydney where gangs and retards constantly slam into you with hemmets, vans, and fuel trucks and knock you down without repercussions. "Why don't you take them up?" as a consistent player I want to see straya grow and garner a consistent player base and I personally believe that getting someone banned for a day, week or month severely hinders its ability to grow, so in saying that I believe putting rules forward where it allows players to deal with these situations themselves in-game is the way forward. These rules being. - Knocking someone down is considered a one-way initiation, meaning you are allowed to kill the person who knocked you out. - Sling loading a vehicle is a one-way initiation, meaning the owner of the vehicle and his fellow gang members may shoot the player (attempting to) sling load the vehicle and said player’s gang. - If you’re victim to intentional VDM you may shoot the driver only. This does not allow your gang members to open fire at the vehicle that has VDM’d you. - You're allowed to shoot someone who has lockpicked or stolen your car (You must witness the action, you can't kill someone for driving in your car). - You cannot knock someone out when you're in the animation of pulling out a weapon. - Make you’re able to read gang tags as an official rule. Not a rule in some forum posts none of these new players haven't seen. These are rules on other servers where I believe they improve the quality of life.