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    1. China

      yikes, and thats from a paramedic ...
    2. China

      Because youre the most respectful person zarco.
    3. China

      Wait, this man really put a drone frag in his montage????
    4. China

      Why do you even post on threads
    5. China

    6. China

      actually yes. You also never mentions holski for srt, even lied about him begging you for ridealongs
    7. China

      Surely you add a tl;dr to your essays
    8. China

      oath, youre in
    9. China

    10. China

      No, not really?
    11. China

    12. China

      Maybe start looking at giving out lighter bans The player base is already on the decrease.
    13. China

      Most rebels are not here to roleplay. They just want to fight.
    14. China

      "AREA 51"
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