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  1. RvZz

    Wow really cool thank you so much, developer!
  2. RvZz

    really cool thanks sorry about last review was very angry
  3. RvZz

  4. RvZz

  5. It's been a blast. Been banned twice, Died a lot, got about 50 kills total and met a lot of wonderful people along the way. But unfortunately, University takes center stage so I'm unable to play at all now. Cheers Everybody that I interacted with it's been a fun ride. (Also if you need textures done just pm me on discord @RvZz#0068 I can still do those.)
  6. RvZz

    Nice Work. If you ever want to go into more detail with your Arma 3 cinematics and shit. Check out these 2 videos. Really interesting stuff.
  7. RvZz

    Spotlight at the ghost hotel would be pretty good!