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    1. Wiskey

      Gonna respond to these two points alone and do a general summary (not to say that you didn’t have other points, just that I don’t want to hog the discussion with one scenario) - Yes we saw that he was arrested through the notification. It’s a grey zone in the rules to see if we are allowed to do that - There was no shit talking in side from either side as in my memory ( I will amend this if someone disagrees) - We did dec prior and we gave him multiple RP routes to let us into the house, e.g “give me the location of the spare key” or “give me a way to get into the house” It is my belief that if you live through a dec, it is perfectly valid RP to hunt down the person that attempted to kill you/ killed your mates. I think it’s targeting if you die and continue the Feud because at that point your just being a dick. E.G is it targeting if you get arrested by a cop then later look for them in SYD and take them hostage is it targeting? A level of common sense is applied, it’s mod discretion. Senior staff have been quite lazy (imo) with the rule updates and large exploits in the rules are still not fixed. Another point - Severe double standards in staff has led to many issues with straya administration. I’m not staff on straya and I don’t know the internal protocols but a good fix would be a document with the rules on it and staff could comment on it with the given interpretation of the rules to insure a consistent message coming from staff: I’ll give an example of this: I was playing pubbie yesterday and I saw some horrible RP from cops, and even exploiting. I took the cop up, he had impounded a police heli that had exploded after ramming (on purpose to my understanding) a Civ heli in PD safezone, I was told that as it was a glitch he was in the right to exploit it - apparently it “saved time” and I would get comped if my heli blew up in safezone. To test this theory I hopped on civ and decided to invert a hummingbird 10m off the ground at cartel 1. As you can guess, the mod handling my Comp request said: “I have denied your request as you have intentionally crashed and blown up your helicopter on purpose at no fault of the server.” Myself and the cop did the exact same thing - just I was on civ and he was cop, and he got to keep the heli because cops can exploit and keep exploded vehicles of theirs. Im pretty sure that most people who play civ can relate to the experience that I have just described, it’s honestly tiring how every time you go up with a case against a cop you end up with nothing
    2. Wiskey

      Got some more rule grey zones, also if you wanna argue SRT vs GD then please take it elsewhere. Affected Rules: 2.6 Any actions that are done with the intention of interrupting or interfering with role-play or the actions of other people is trolling and fail role-play. 2.6.1 Don’t be a dick. (Don't do anything which could be seen as purposely annoying or interfering with the Roleplay of others. Things like baiting police, destroying vehicles and targeting certain people). Suggested Fix: Targeting needs a definition, along with guidelines of what is interrupting role play. Eg when someone robs me they are interfering with my RP. I’ll highlight a situation that tested these rules. yesterday a gang mate of mines house was going to be broken into, he bought insurance before they actually decced or started bolt cutting so nothing got taken and they verbally decced on him, he told me who did it shortly before he died. I contacted another person for the guys house location and got it. Unfortunately it was insured. About an hour later we saw that he was imprisoned so we went to jail and he talked to us so we were pretty confident it was him. We robbed him for his house keys but he said he didn’t have the one for the specific house we were after, in a attempt to continue roleplay I asked him for the location spare key or any other way of getting inside. He didn’t work with us so he was killed. We were taken to HD and banned for a day (bans were reversed 5 minutes later) for interfering with RP and targeting. This has brought a couple of questions up for discussion such as: is it still targeting if you have a RP reason, you haven’t died and you have only done it once? is It valid RP to claim that you don’t have any keys despite you giving one? Can you RP your way out of actual facts if only one party is going this way with the RP? these questions have big implications as from what I was told in the HD channel I could literally RP out a MK200 as a toy gun, and if someone disagreed take them up to HD and have them banned.
    3. Wiskey

      Side chat does have RP in it, but also OOC. It needs to be defined. The rules contradict themselves here. 8.2 When in an active declaration you can not flee to a safe zone. Police can arrest people from within safe zones. 8.2.1 Cop v Rebel declarations are called off when all members of either party reach to their safe zone (PD or Rebel outposts). 8.2.4 Police may return to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney PDs during a bank only for the purpose of escalation and will not call off their declaration in doing this. Only in this case are they exempt from rule 8.2.3. Are all of the relevant rules. Not one allows a single police officer to flee into a safe zone. You can think this but I've been through this in helpdesk multiple times. Mods refuse to punish for this rule breach tho ;(.
    4. Wiskey

      I Was gonna make a new post for suggestions but as UNO posted I'll just post this here Rule changes are needed and I have contacted senior staff about these breaches/grey zones many times I figured I'd post it here so the community could add to the grey zones 2 - Fail Role-Play (Fail RP) -- Needs to be updated to reflect side chat, and rules to govern side chat's use, E.G Can I sell shit inside chat or is it failRP, If so can I speak while dead inside chat? 4 - Value Life Rule (VLR) -- A definition is required "risk of death far outweighs the odds of surviving" e.g 3v1 or 2v1 as it's just not clear enough 5 - Declarations -- you should dec on the person you are going to engage, as at this point people in the safe zone/dead can be decked and the gang members can be killed 7 - Vehicle Death Match (VDM) -- It is technically okay to VDM someone in a car if you are fleeing, the current consensus among mods is against this. 8 - Safe Zones -- Police are breaking the rules when they bring suspects into PD, mods refused to punish offenders for doing this. Either the rules need to change or the mods need to learn how to read and enforce rules. 10 - Hostage Rules -- it is possible to keep a hostage from 3:05 pm AU to 3:00 the next day as no time limit on hostages. Also bounties, I personally think bounties on the same charge should not stack E.G: 2 manslaughters is a 70K Bounty instead of 140k. Police aren't supposed to value money more than RP so this shouldn't be too bad. I also think it's ludicrous that a police officer could get 500k - Mil for killing someone of 1 - 2 mil for arresting someone. I'd like for someone to post a time that ludicrously large bounties have honestly added to roleplay more than it's removed. I think a lot of civs have had the experience of being decced for doing something small and getting taken back and the processing officer say " oh look at that you're wanted for 500k". It feels cheap and shit. Thank's for the time, PS Read the rules before debating them. I've dealt with a lot of people who didn't and think they did so please do, it will make everyone's life easier if we all read the rules
    5. Wiskey

      Fair enough, I do only get one side of it as I do mainly play civ/ paramedic. I do agree that Sydney should have the highest police presence, I just think that the police force should be spread around to other cities some more.
    6. Wiskey

      -- These are all concepts, feel free to critique in detail and -- 1. Civ Suggestions A) XP System Rework The XP/Proficiency system needs a bit of a rework IMO, I think crafting XP should be added and the ability to de-level certain traits should be added, as some traits, it is not actually favorable to gain large amounts at a time. All of the traits that are deconstructed should give say 20% to a certain trait of the player's choosing. E.G I could move some XP from oil to repair. B) More Civvie Vehicles I Think that civilians should have access to the Taru and the Hellcat (Unarmed), The Taru fills the role of the Medium-Heavy life helicopter and I think the Hellcat should be given around 250 cargo space. I also think rebels should have access to the strider unarmed as it's aquatic abilities would add a new element to Drug Shipments and such. 2. Events I think events are the best part of the server, They are both interesting and rewarding with a pace that requires instant action. As such I think there should be a couple more events varying in scale A) Civilian events I believe that there should be some civilian events that occur with at least 15 civilians on in order to keep something for those who want to do legal events, These may include: Cop Suggestions: At some points, the cop-civ ratio is way to high and police presence is quite high, in order to ensure that it doesn't create a one-sided experience I think the police protocols should be changed in order to force police out of Sydney and into other cities, also a cooldown should be placed on each capture point/drug are raided. Thankyou for your time!
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