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    1. Wiskey

      Fair enough, I do only get one side of it as I do mainly play civ/ paramedic. I do agree that Sydney should have the highest police presence, I just think that the police force should be spread around to other cities some more.
    2. Wiskey

      -- These are all concepts, feel free to critique in detail and -- 1. Civ Suggestions A) XP System Rework The XP/Proficiency system needs a bit of a rework IMO, I think crafting XP should be added and the ability to de-level certain traits should be added, as some traits, it is not actually favorable to gain large amounts at a time. All of the traits that are deconstructed should give say 20% to a certain trait of the player's choosing. E.G I could move some XP from oil to repair. B) More Civvie Vehicles I Think that civilians should have access to the Taru and the Hellcat (Unarmed), The Taru fills the role of the Medium-Heavy life helicopter and I think the Hellcat should be given around 250 cargo space. I also think rebels should have access to the strider unarmed as it's aquatic abilities would add a new element to Drug Shipments and such. 2. Events I think events are the best part of the server, They are both interesting and rewarding with a pace that requires instant action. As such I think there should be a couple more events varying in scale A) Civilian events I believe that there should be some civilian events that occur with at least 15 civilians on in order to keep something for those who want to do legal events, These may include: Cop Suggestions: At some points, the cop-civ ratio is way to high and police presence is quite high, in order to ensure that it doesn't create a one-sided experience I think the police protocols should be changed in order to force police out of Sydney and into other cities, also a cooldown should be placed on each capture point/drug are raided. Thankyou for your time!
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