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    I think I've got something north of 120 hours on Invade and Annex, collected over four years. I've got 3,200 hours in Arma in general, so it doesn't make that much out of my collective time in-game.
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    Hell to the **** yes.
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    Coming from a balancing perspective, if you are running an RHS event, remove all vanilla weapons, uniforms, armour sets and vehicles. The base Arma 3 stuff is far superior to RHS in just about every way; the armour is more tanky, most weapons will do a lot more damage than their contemporaries (SPAR-16 vs HK416 for example) and are easier to handle, most vehicles are more mobile, have heavier-hitting weapons and fire quicker unless you have a loader (for tanks anyway). On a more positive side, I would personally love modded Wasteland.
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    Not an update per se, but maybe run an event for a week or two on another map? Stratis has gotten a little stale over the years, a change-up (even if it's only temporary) would be nice.
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    We need a new quote
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    About bloody time.
  7. The Admin Convoy Hello again gamers, the next weekly event comes to to you from the WL staff team. This time, you will have to stop a column of trucks driven by staff members and kill the individual members. The convoy will start at Kill Farm, and the mission will be considered a failure if at least one of the trucks makes it to Jay Cove. 150K and 2 tokens per kill are up for grabs! The event will take place at the customary 7:30PM AEDT, 30/11/2019. Have fun, see you there.
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    Ingame Name - Scorpion Hours on Arma3 - 2,600 (400-ish on AL) Age - 17 Short description on your play style - Either I outflank other players and hammer their sides with high ROF weapons, or I will hide in concealed positions and wait for someone to put themselves in a place where I can shoot them from concealment. Basically a roach.
  9. This was brought up by Ethan in Discord so I thought I'd share the idea with everyone else. Make a new bot to tell gang members and the like how many cops are on at the time to see if they can hit a bank. Could even add the function to the existing bank bot. Opinions?
  10. Demolitions Derby... With a vengeance Good morning USA folks, Saturday coming brings another event from us in the staff team! Like the last event, this one is simple. A demo derby at the aircraft carrier USS Freedom, three rounds, using quad-bikes, cars and boats, with a tie-breaker round of Go-Karts at the end. First place in each round will earn 300K, second place gets 150K. Let the games begin! The event will be hosted this Saturday, 16/11/2019, at 7:30PM AEDT.
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    I unironically don't disagree with this list.
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    I'd like to see some of the shenanigans that happen with faulty vehicles. Add this shit.
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    Added some life back to the server, and doing things is much easier now.
  14. Pillage and Loot Evening folks, this Friday's server event comes to you from the Wasteland staff team! The gist is simple. Five staff members will be holding the gun store at Camp Maxwell, each holding 500K for a cumulative total of 2.5 million. Yes, that's right, 2.5 million in-game dollars! The objective is simple. Successfully kill the five staff members (they CANNOT come back to the event), that 2.5mil is yours. The event will be hosted this Friday, 1/11/2019, at 7:30PM AEDT. Hope to see you all there!
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    IGN: Scorpion Hours: 370 if BattleMetrics is to be believed. Age: 17 I aspire to be a meat shield.
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    I don't disagree. Stratis has been the norm basically since Wasteland came up and by this stage it's getting a little bland even with the various updates as of late. A little more breathing space (and less ****ing mountains) to do stuff and to build shit would be nice. Malden is objectively the only good map (aside from Stratis) that one could put Wasteland on. Altis is too big and I suspect that would be lag central. Tanoa is locked by the Apex DLC. Livonia is locked by the Contact DLC and the map is more laggy than the other BI maps.
  17. Once again, howdy. For the third guide in this series I will be covering movable objects and base-building. For the third time I would like to thank: @Joshua_ and @leeseven, Wasteland senior staff members for assisting me in the creation of this guide. WHERE TO FIND PLACEABLES Placeable objects can either be bought at General Stores or found at Enemy Outpost AI missions. An Enemy Outpost and its structures, mostly walls and a couple of .50 turrets. However, if you want to get a more diverse set of base-building objects you'll have to go to General Stores. A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF PLACEABLE OBJECTS Placeables are found in the Objects tab of the General Store menu. Their names can be misleading some and there is no preview for them, so in lieu here is a list of most of the placeable objects. Ammo Cache and Metal Barrel Toilet Box Lamp Post (Shabby) and Lamp Post (Harbour) Boom Gate and Pipes Highway Gaterail and Concrete Frame Concrete Barrier Concrete Barrier (Medium) Concrete Barrier (Long) H-Barrier H-Barrier (Long) H-Barrier (Medium) and H-Barrier Wall H-Barrier Watchtower \ Concrete Barrier (Long) and Concrete Barrier (Tall) Concrete Wall Canal Wall Canal Stairs Sandbag (Curved), Sandbag (Long), Sandbag (Corner), Sandbag (End), Sandbag Wall, Sandbag Bunker (Small), Sandbag Bunker (Large) Sandbag Tower and Canal Wall (Long) ACTUALLY MAKING A BASE With all of the boring shit out of the way, now you can go make your own base somewhere on the map. You can build anywhere except for on roads, however here are some tips when it comes to base making. If you want your base to stay there for more than an hour you'll want to put it somewhere concealed. The forests east of Camp Rogain / north of Kamino Firing Range are a good place, so are many spots on the coast. Protection from attack is also vital. Having overhead cover is helpful but placing the base somewhere where no tanks or SPAAG can shoot at it also works. Again, coastal areas work well for this. Place a spawn beacon in the base. If you get killed you'll have a second attempt to counter attacks. When you have an item in your hand several options will appear in the scroll menu. Adjust to the ground: This will adjust the angle of the object to adhere to the slope of what you're placing it on. If you were to adjust to ground while on the side of a mountain the object would be slanted at the mountain's angle. Adjust horizontally: Adjusts to stay level regardless of the surface below it. Turn left/right (X / C keys): Rotates the object. Use the X and C keys to rotate. Closer/further (F / R keys): Pushes or brings the object closer. Use the F and R keys to do so. Load in vehicle: If near a vehicle you can put the object in the vehicle's virtual inventory. Release: Puts down the object. Lock Object (When placed) : Locks the object so it doesn't despawn. Have fun.
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    Aside from myself I think there's one other guy who plays AL in Community Team. However, I do agree with much of you've said; I'll kick the idea around up top, ask some current rebels, such and such.
  19. Howdy again. In the last guide I skimmed over the barebone basics of Wasteland. This time I will be diving into more of Wasteland's gameplay, specifically a guide to making money. Once again I would like to thank: @Joshua_ and @leeseven, Wasteland Administrator and Moderator respectively, @Pantha and @AidanC, a Wasteland veteran and player respectively, for assisting me in the creation of this guide. To make money, one has to understand its various gathering sources, how to use it and how to bank it. Firstly. THE ESSENTIALS OF MONEY Money can be gained through the following ways: All players spawn with 1.5K. Completing Money Shipments. Killing players and stealing their money. Selling vehicles at General or Vehicle Stores. Selling equipment and weapons at Gun and General Stores. Selling weapon crates Salvaging destroyed vehicles. Capturing zones. Zone capture benefits every ten minutes (money made depends on amount of zones captured). Tokens, the special currency, can be gained by: One token for every five player kills in one game session. Money can be spent on: Weapons, ammo, attachments, static emplacements and grenades at Gun Stores. Uniforms, vests, backpacks, helmets, virtual inventory items, building objects, small UAVs, medical equipment and facegear at General Stores. Cars, APCs, tanks, helicopters, jets and large drones at Vehicle Stores. Money is stored and withdrawn at ATMs. Now that we know what money is, we can dive into making it. MONEY-MAKING STRATEGIES: THE GRINDING METHOD Our first method. Capturing zones. This method entails traveling around the map, capping zones and largely avoiding combat. Early in the morning is the best time to do this as few people are online to contest and recapture zones. Pros: Lower exposure to combat and risk of dying. You do not have to recapture the zones (unless someone else caps them), money flows over time. Generally more suited for people who are not as good at PvP or PvE than others. Instant monetary reward on some zones is high. Cons: Takes time and patience. Transport required for getting from point to point (unless you're one of those people who enjoys Asthmatic Jogging Simulator 2019). Doing this when the server has a high population can result in you being tracked relentlessly by enemy players. Some Personal Tips Take the time to travel to an ATM between captures to bank money. It can be quite infuriating to have nearly 100K on your body and get shot. Use a light, fast car to travel between points (I use the Prowler but the Quilin, Offroad, SUV and Hatchback also work just as well). The time it takes to take off and land, combined with the fact that a lot of people carry Titan AA, is not worth the risk of getting shot down. Capture the more isolated points (USS Liberty, USS Freedom, that one island near Kamino). These points provide a larger money reward when captured. Play with some friends on Independent or on BLUFOR/OPFOR; having more people to capture more points makes collecting money easier. Do this at the extremes of time; while not practical for most people, the zones are less contested early in the morning or late at night. MONEY-MAKING STRATEGIES: THE MOAR MONEY METHOD Complicated name but this just means hitting the Money Shipments. To recap, Money Shipments are a PvE mission that come in four types (Small, Medium, Large and Heavy) each with varying levels of difficulty and reward. After completion/failure, these missions take 5-10 minutes to respawn. Small Money Shipments are worth 25K per mission. They are typically manned by three or four armed MRAPs with escorting infantry in each vehicle. Medium Money Shipments are worth 50K per mission. They are typically manned by one or two light APCs and one or two GMG MRAPs. Large Money Shipments are worth 75-100K per mission. They are typically manned by two or three APCs and either a tank or an anti-aircraft vehicle. Heavy Money Shipments are worth 100K per mission. They are typically manned by a combination of four heavier APCs, tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles. Pros: Money Shipments have a much larger payout. Spawn relatively often. AI are not very good at shooting. If you manage to disable a vehicle or kill its crew and repair it, free vehicle. Cons: Large and Heavy Money Shipments (sometimes even Mediums) require a launcher to kill or disable bigger vehicles. It is not uncommon to find other players trying to do these money shipments. Most of the vehicles in Money Shipments are very capable of cutting down players with even the heaviest of armour. Carrying more than 100K highlights you on the map and tracks your position for everyone else to see. Some Personal Tips Bring buddies. Having a medic on your team is extremely helpful. If plausible, capture a mission vehicle (Main Battle Tank or Anti-Aircraft Vehicle) and use that. Don't have to fork out for launcher ammo or for a very expensive vehicle. Cheap AT launchers with a lot of HEAT rounds are your friend. The RPG-42 Alamut and MAAWS Mark 4 Mod 1 are excellent choices. Try to engage from a distance and within ready reach of cover. Do not waste time collecting money. Be as quick as possible and dash for an ATM. Bring friends to collect the money with you if hitting a Large or Heavy Money Shipment to counteract the money tracking feature. MONEY-MAKING STRATEGY - WEAPON CRATES, VEHICLES AND OTHER MISSIONS In the time between Money Shipments respawning, you can go to the other AI missions and complete them to sell vehicles or weapon crates. There are a variety of missions that can spawn, however the most popular ones are: Town Invasion. AI spawn in a building complex somewhere on the map to be taken out. Rewards include two weapon crates and the weapons dropped by the AI. Enemy Outpost. A small complex will spawn somewhere on the map defended by a squad of AI and some static .50 turrets. Rewards include building structures, two weapon crates and the equipment dropped by the AI. Main Battle Tank: A tank that spawns (T-100 Varsuk, M2A1 or M2A4 Slammer or an MBT-52 Kuma) defended by two squads of AI. Rewards include the tank and equipment dropped by the AI. Armoured Personnel Carrier: An APC that spawns (Can be any except for the Nyx variants) defended by two squads of AI. Rewards include the APC and equipment dropped by the AI. Anti-Aircraft Vehicle: A SPAAG-M vehicle (Tigris or Cheetah) that spawns defended by two squads of AI. Rewards include the vehicle and equipment dropped by the AI. Sunken Treasure: Money spawns at the bottom of the ocean defended by a Diver Squad and a Speedboat HMG. Rewards include a monetary reward. Weapon crates can be sold at Gun, Vehicle and General Stores. Vehicles can be sold at General, Gun or Vehicle Stores. Pros: These spawn very frequently in most positions of the map. Once again, AI are not very good at shooting. Free stuff if you don't want to sell the contents of crates or vehicles. Cons: These missions, especially vehicle missions, are often contested by other players. AI will swarm you if not careful. Expect to get bombed or rocketed if you capture a vehicle when the server is high-pop. Some Personal Tips: As always, bring some teammates to help carry money/equipment and to revive you if you get downed. Use cover and Arma's combat stancing to pick AI off one-by-one (this prevents the AI swarming). Also, watch your flanks. Bring an SDAR and diving gear for the Sunken Treasure. Y'know, so you don't drown. MONEY GUIDE CONCLUSION This marks the end of a fairly basic money guide for Wasteland. More to follow.
  20. Howdy. In the spirit of the weekend I decided to make some general guides for playing Wasteland. Before I start I would like to thank: Joshua and Leeseven, staff members of Wasteland for assisting me in creating these guides. Without further ado, let's begin. WHAT IS WASTELAND? Wasteland is a PvPvE survival gamemode for Arma 3. It is essentially a faster-paced DayZ without having to worry about zombies, food or water. The StrayaGaming Wasteland server is set on Stratis. It is hosted at CONNECTING When you first connect you'll be greeted by the lobby. There are three sides that can be joined; NATO (BLUFOR), CSAT (OPFOR) and AAF (INDE). Players on either NATO or CSAT are on the same team, Independent players can either lone-wolf it or join a group of other players (this will be explained later). The three teams can be seen on the top right hand corner. If General Zodd were on BLUFOR we would be in the same team, same if I was on OPFOR. Independent players are on their own. There are four specialties that you can join as. Combat Life Saver: Medics. They spawn with a medikit and can revive other players. Sniper: Read the name. They spawn with half-ghillie suits respective to their faction (OPFORs have CSAT half-ghillies for example) and rangefinders. Engineer: Vehicle repairers. They spawn with a toolkit and can repair vehicles without having to use the Repair Kit. They can also unlock vehicles without a lockpick. Assault Diver: Underwater people. They spawn with diving gear. JOINING After selecting a slot and joining, the spawn menu will appear if you're a first connection or if you've died beforehand. Pressing Random will spawn you randomly in one of the blue transparent circles on the map. If there was a teammate in one of the circles, you would be able to spawn on that circle provided that your team is not being overmatched by opposing players. Congratulations! You have connected! SOME OF THE BASICS The text blurb that pops up explains team rules. Your HUD. In the bottom right: Top most: Your banked money. This is the money you have that you are not carrying on you. Fresh players automatically start with 100K as a startup. Second: Your physical money. This is the money you are carrying on you. You can buy weapons, vehicles, uniforms and whatnot in sufficient amounts, but if you die you will drop this money. Third: Tokens. These are a special currency that are gained by killing five enemy players in one game session. They can be used to buy special vehicles and spawn upgrades. You cannot lose them by dying, only by spending them. Fourth: Health. This is the amount of health that you have. Can be fixed by first aid kits and medikits. Missions and objectives around the map will appear as the black box at the top right corner of the screen. For now, go into your map (M by default). You can see all locations of both stores and objectives around the map. Firstly to the stores. GUN STORES As the name suggests, gun stores are a place where you can buy weapons of all sorts and some of the static weapon mounts like mortars. There are five gun stores around the map. From north to south: Camp Rogain Airfield Gun Store Central Camp Maxwell Agios Cephras A unique feature of gun stores compared to others is that they will light up on the map for everyone to see when they are occupied. In the above image you may notice that Rogain is green and says Gun Store (Allies). This is because I am in it. For anyone else the gun store would appear red. A key to these colours: Yellow: Unoccupied Green: Friendlies Orange: Friendlies and enemies Red: Enemies The Gun Store interface. Categories of weapons are on the far left, with the actual weapons in the centre and their relevant ammo on the right. In my GPS tab you can also see an example of the gun store going orange due myself and an enemy player being in the detection radius. GENERAL STORES Kamino Settlement General Store. One of the AI missions is directly next to the complex. No, you CAN'T buy food at a general store. Instead, you can buy uniforms, headgear, vests, bags, utility items and building structures. There are six general stores (indicated by blue dots saying General Store), and once again from north to south they are: Agia Marina Kamino Settlement Central Limen Bay Girna Jay Cove Unlike gun stores, general stores do not have an automatic detection radius for players so you'll have to keep your eye out for enemies in the vicinity. The General Store interface. Different categories of equipment are on the left, with specific pieces in the centre. The right hand tab shows the virtual equipment in your inventory. VEHICLE STORES Kill Farm Vehicle Store. Also note that there is an ATM in the building complex underneath the Kill Farm text blurb. You can buy vehicles from vehicle stores. (Hmm, I wonder why...) They are the most common store currently in Wasteland as there are eight of them (marked by orange dots named Vehicle Store). Again from north to south, they are: USS Freedom Aircraft Carrier Kill Farm Stratis Air Base Kamino Firing Range Air Station Mike-26 Cape Cod Airfield Strogos Bay USS Liberty Destroyer Like general stores, vehicle stores do not have a detection radius around them so keep your eyes open for enemy players. The Vehicle Store interface. Vehicle categories on the left, specific vehicles in the centre, vehicle skins and paints on the right. You might notice there are different categories of vehicles. Land: Unarmoured, unarmed and generally fast vehicles. These include cars like the Hatchback, SUV, Offroad, Prowler and Quilin. Armoured: MRAPs, more heavily armed vehicles and some APCs. Ifrits, Hunters, Striders and Gorgons are examples of vehicles in this category. Tanks: Proper tanks, anti-aircraft vehicles and heavier APCs. Slammer, Varsuk and the Bobcat are examples. Helicopters: Rotary-wing aircraft. Ghosthawks, Pawnees, Orcas and Mohawks are examples. Planes: Fixed-wing and VTOL aircraft. Cessnas, Buzzards and gun-armed versions of fighter aircraft for example. Boats: Watercraft and submersibles. The SDV, Speedboat Minigun and RHIB are examples. Token vehicles: 'Special' vehicles, so to speak, that require tokens to purchase in addition to regular money. They encompass most categories of vehicles; heavily armed aircraft, tanks and UAVs are examples of token vehicles. Buying any of these things requires money. Which leads on to our next topic. ECONOMY Money can be gained in a few different fashions. Small (25K), Medium (50K), Large (75K) and Heavy (100K) Money Shipments. These are a mission that spawn periodically on the map consisting of infantry and armed vehicles that drive around the map. They are completed by killing all AI related to the mission. Small Money Shipments spawn with three or four armed MRAPs. Medium Money Shipments spawn with two or three armed MRAPs and a light APC. Large Money Shipments typically spawn with an MRAP, two APCs and a tank or anti-aircraft vehicle. Heavy Money Shipments spawn with a combination of tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles. Capture points. These are strategic zones placed all over the map that teams and players can 'capture' to get a small sum of money (between 400-5000) both instantly and every 10 minutes. The money gained per 10 minutes is relative to how many zones a player owns. To capture a point, you need to stand in its zone (marked on map) for three minutes uncontested. You will be informed if the zone is being contested because in the capture message it will say Territory Capture Blocked. While you can tell if a player is in the zone by being in the capture radius, they do not highlight on the map for everyone like gun stores. However, once the point is captured, the zone's colour on the map will change to the team colour of the player who captured it and a server-wide announcement will say that that particular zone has been captured. Colour codes: Yellow: Uncaptured Blue: Captured by BLUFOR Red: Captured by OPFOR Green: Captured by Independent Solid colour fill instead of a hex pattern: Captured by whatever team you're on. Air Station Mike-26 capture point. Note that in the top-left it says territory capture started while it is coloured OPFOR on the GPS. The latter indicates that it has been captured by another team due to the fill pattern. Now that the point has been captured, it has now gone green on the map due to me being on Independent. A server announcement has also gone out informing everyone of this. Captures will be of a solid fill if captured by your team. Money can be stored and withdrawn at ATMs. These are large yellow dots with a dollar sign in them marked on the map. A picture of one can be seen in the Vehicle Store section of this guide. INTRODUCTION CONCLUSION This marks the end of beginning in Wasteland Guide. More advanced guides to follow.
  21. . StrayaGaming Monthly News Bulletin THE HEADLINES With the recent release of the Contact DLC, both our Wasteland and Invade & Annex servers have received updates to include all the cool content. If you experience any issues with these updates, please let us know by submitting a bug report. WASTELAND UPDATE: Cape Cod Airfield added Contact DLC uniforms, weapons, vests and vehicles USS Liberty destroyer and USS Freedom aircraft carrier re-positioned Some areas now have a different layout Changes to Wasteland Veteran requirements (can be found here) INVADE & ANNEX UPDATE: Livonia added into the map rotation for the Tanoa/Malden server DLC weapons, uniforms and vests added A new active protection system make by Quiksilver to protect against AT rockets. (Demonstration video) Full devblog can be found here KING OF THE HILL SERVER: StrayaGaming now has a King Of The Hill server! Ready your weapons and prepare to take on NATO, CSAT and the AAF headon! At this stage, the KOTH server is run as an infantry-only server, meaning that only unarmed helicopters and unarmed MRAPs will be available plus a limited selection of launchers. You can read more of the specifics here. Direct Connect IP: koth.straya.life:2300 ANNOUNCEMENTS CHANGE OF PROCEDURE FOR ALTIS LIFE HELPDESK ISSUES: As of the 25th of May, the procedure for bringing up issues to helpdesk for Altis Life has been changed. You are now required to have been directly involved in the incident for the issue to be resolved. More information is available here. ZEUS EVENTS RETURN: StrayaGaming Zeus Events are making a return, starting with Operation Rolling Thunder by @Turbanator! This mission is part of his new campaign of missions, named Flashback, where all missions are based off real-life military operations. Rolling Thunder kicks off on the 16th of August at 19:00 AEST (21:00 NZST). MEDIA OF THE MONTH This month's Media Of The Month Award goes to @Chadd. Congratulations! STAFF NEWS Congratulations to the following staff who have been appointed or promoted in the staff team in the past month: @Mitch to King Of The Hill Manager @Joshua_ to Wasteland Administrator @Jay to Wasteland Senior Moderator @Asnee and @J-dog to King Of The Hill Senior Moderator @bodyboarder2528 and @Fraz to Support Team Supervisor @leeseven, @Jaidon and @BridTheAtl to Wasteland Moderator @Joshua_ and @-simon to Invade & Annex Moderator @Virtual_Seahorse to King Of The Hill Moderator @Bad_Apl to King Of The Hill Trial Moderator @Turbanator, @Humaine and @Darkdemon36 to Community Team @Jot, @PowerAsian and @FarmerGeorge98 to Support Team DONATORS Many thanks to all those who donated in these past few months. Thank you for supporting the StrayaGaming community. @DrEbonyMaw, @BuffyAU, @ocbaker, @Kevin-Rogers, @Salty Silver, @Joshua_, @vegemitesanga54, @El3nsar, @Bateman123, @hextop, @Nugs, @ThePostman, @hugot, @AndreJxmZ, @GodlikeGoose, @SimonNQ, @Chadd, @-simon, @XanaTenebris, @Auschwistic, @Tobias, @Bad_Apl, @XSV Sam, @Bull, @Rackers, @Andy1, @Levi, @SkylerBB, @Darkdemon36, @BOOFY, @CraZed00, @Terra, @Jaz, @Sam.w, @Mannyio, @pkisbest, @Aussie Pretzel, @AceWinchester, @MitchHill, @Munk, @NinjaPanda, @Ben Red, @danman1501, @Zybisko
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    That Blackfoot looks mighty fresh, nice work
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    You are indeed a bold one. Haha. Kill him.
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    StrayaGaming Kahoot Night (Cue Kahoot Music 10 hour track here) Hello people of StrayaGaming. Members of staff have laboured to create and organise a Kahoot night, based on various topics about the game servers, Straya's origins and some staff-based stuff. About the night: The Kahoot will be hosted at 7:30PM AEST on Saturday 06/07/2019. The date is to ensure that I'm not caught in a staff meeting or anything else. Due to limitations with Kahoot hosting and seeing the question stream, it is recommended that you use either a second monitor or a separate device to watch the stream where the questions are being hosted. The Kahoot consists of 40 questions. Five general StrayaGaming questions. Ten Altis Life questions. Ten Invade and Annex questions. Ten Wasteland questions. Five staff-based questions. Voice communication will be hosted on TeamSpeak (ts.straya.life) in the Community Lounge 1 channel (located underneath the lobby/joining channel). Contact myself or other participating staff members if you need to be dragged into the channel. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself over TeamSpeak, the forums or Discord. Hope to see you peeps there!