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    1. Auschwistic

      Enemy cas issues

      Enemy CAS continues to spawn up to approx 3 jets between AO and Base. Does not seem to be affected by the following a. Friendly CAS is occupied b. Enemy Radiotower is up c. Presence of friendly zeus'd in AA assets d. Presence of friendly AA tanks Has gotten to the point beyond active annoyance visible in side chats, pilot TS and general in game chat. Mod's such as BigRed1, Noskire and Simon have been known to place friendly assets at base and even in between base and AO in order to reduce the pure skull****ery received. Enemy CAS is also highly likely to "flare off" every attempt at a missile, MR or SR or even from AA assets and seem to have never ending flares and missiles. Friendly CAS is often met with peril when locked, having at a guess 30% chance of flaring off incoming missiles from enemy CAS - if they can get off the runway. Something IS broken. Enemy CAS shouldn't spawn frequently if there isn't a friendly asset to kill it, let alone 2-3 within a few moments of each other and it should not be that difficult to kill them.
    2. Auschwistic

      Vtol loading

      Used to be able to load in a HEMTT Medical to a Vic Blackfish, now we cannot
    3. Auschwistic

      AREA 51. I'll be joining the raid as a Kyle. I need to see my wife there. Its been 84 years.
    4. Auschwistic

      @Will Boyd @Ora209 How do you make skins? I want to have some made for the Xi'an and the Blackfish variants but I can't get my head around it. Is there a blank template I can work from? Do you add alter the original file in the game as a copy? Where are these located etc. TY in advance
    5. Auschwistic

      Thankyou Webbie, I hope you still join on and play along!
    6. Auschwistic

      @Guardian sign me up buddy
    7. Auschwistic

      "Guns for Texas"
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