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      Thank you! Back in the world is much better than nowhere.
    2. Hi Admin of the Exile Malden server. Earlier today, my character (Mollusc) became a little glitchy and I could not do a couple of normal actions with vehicle inventory and towing. After I entered a friends truck as a passenger at the La Riviere trader, the screen view froze and Arma locked up. I had to use Task Manager to close Arma, and when I rejoined the server, I was on the Respawn screen. On the way down in the parachute, the game kicked me at 48m. Each time I join the server since then, my character is dead, and every click on Respawn just puts me back in the same dead body. The result was the same after the 6.00pm restart. I assume my character will have to be deleted to allow 'me' back in...
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