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  1. PowerAsian

    Wassup , how's the scaffolding?
  2. PowerAsian

    Still waiting...
  3. PowerAsian

    Gang Base War Name of gang initiating war: INVICTUS Targeted Gang Base: GANG BASE 3 Date preferred for gang war: (must be minimum 5 days in advance) TO BE DISCUSSED Members partaking in the war: (max 15) PowerAsian Moonrise Kmart Brad Phat man Amber Grimreaper Ainsley Rhys Beckett Harry Wasabi Docto Mirin Derpypirate Home Zarco Johnny V Anno Sparrow Daywalker @Asnee @Fraz @bouda118 @FedoraTheExplora @Moonrise @ssaro @Kmart and Coles
  4. PowerAsian

    INVICTUS HAS A PUBLIC DISCORD https://discord.gg/HaWqNK5y8M
  5. PowerAsian

    INVICTUS is Recruiting! If you are interested in joining a gang that basically tries to have fun & chill, then we are for you! We are looking for gamers to join our team! If you are interested fill the form below https://forms.gle/vGvRzxDvhHP3p6Bq9 PowerAsian - Founder of Invictus
  6. PowerAsian

    Welcome to Altis Life if you want to get killed every 5 min go to Sydney but I recommend spawning in the other cities. If you need help getting to know the game or have a question. Message me on discord - PowerAsian#0192 or ask any of my gang members under the tags of INV | we will be happy to teach you some of the ways
  7. PowerAsian

    @Alatz dam..
  8. PowerAsian

    Hello Mr Asian man
  9. PowerAsian

    Maybe Just get more gangs problem solved
  10. PowerAsian

    The only problem there is, it's all about combat RP now so I mean... Just live with it...
  11. PowerAsian

    Well, bust my buffers!
  12. INVICTUS 0.1 Dizzy - 76561198256912421 Lurks - 76561198122792144 GrimReaper - 76561198211054671 Sobek - 76561198810890298 Rusty - 76561198086600532 DerpyBird - 76561198088379889 Sub Corvos - 76561199004269433
  13. PowerAsian

    //DENIED\\ Please Re-Apply in 1 Week Time Any Question Please Contact Invictus Recruitment Invictus Teamspeak: syd.streamlinegames.com:10002
  14. PowerAsian

    //PENDING\\ Interview Required Please Contact Lurks Lurks#2125 Recruiter RuStY2H RuStY2H#0352 Recruiter Amber Amber#4046 Recruiter Invictus Teamspeak: syd.streamlinegames.com:10002
  15. PowerAsian

    //ACCEPTED\\ Welcome to Invictus Please Make sure you are in the discord https://discord.gg/fDD9zHF Invictus Teamspeak: syd.streamlinegames.com:10002