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  1. Altis Life Minigame Night - AL Event The AL Senior Team will be hosting a minigame night on and around the Salt Flats. Minigames such as Pawnee Fights, Tank Fights, Skeet Shooting and Sumo will be played with the winner of each minigame receiving a prize. Join the AL and CT team for a night of fun! Key Details Date: Wednesday 22nd of January Time: 7:30pm AEDT Minigames will begin around 7:45pm AEDT Prizes / Rewards For each minigame that a player wins, they will receive a monetary prize. The player that collects the highest overall amount of victories will also receive an additional 100k in addition to a mystery prize
  2. Prisoner Manhunt - AL Event Wild weather has damaged the exterior walls on the Jail allowing all the prisoners to escape. A bounty has been placed on each prisoner with civilians encouraged to assist with capturing them. Prisoners have been spotted in Sydney still in their prison clothes roaming the city which has been placed on Lockdown. Police want them captured alive and returned to jail for processing. Key Details Date: Tuesday 21st of January Event Brief: 7:30pm Sydney Time - 1930 AEDT Event will start at the conclusion of the brief Prizes / Rewards For each prisoner returned, you will receive the bounty that has been placed on their head. The players that collect the overall highest 3 bounties will get their choice between a Tier 5 Weapon, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or an additional monetary prize. Additional Rules Prisoners must be declared on by a civilian wishing to restrain them. All escaped prisoners will wear [INMATE] Tags however a declaration does not effect any other prisoner. Prisoners may choose to comply or run should they feel they can escape successfully. Should the prisoner run and be killed by a civilian, no bounty will be awarded unless they are revived.
  3. Community Minigame Night The Community Team will be hosting a minigame night on Wednesday the 15th of January during which a number of free to play multiplayer games will be played for a big night of laughs, shits and giggles and immature content! Depending on numbers, concurrent lobbies will be set up and played! Which games (and the number of rounds) played will be up to those who join on the night! Game List - Bomb Tag - Skribble.IO - Xyzzy (Cards against Humanity) - Agar.IO - Spyfall Key Details Date: 15th of January Time: 7:30pm AEDT Where: TeamSpeak - Community Events Channels Prizes Winners of each game will receive 1 point. Overall winner will receive winners TS tags as well as a mystery prize! WARNING Some content that will be played / used may cause offence to some parties. If you are easily offended, some of these games / this event may not be for you.
  4. Mr Chu

    Thanks to all that joined in tonight! If you have any future suggestions for games to play at a similar event, please shoot me a message or speak to a member of the Community Team!
  5. Mr Chu

    TWO VERSE TWO SECURE THE PROWLER INFORMATION Sunday 19th of January at 7PM AEDT The First of the AL Tournaments will kick off this Sunday (19th of January) at 7PM AEDT where Teams of 2 will face off trying to capture a prowler placed in the middle of an arena and drive it out of the arena. Teams will be spawned in the arena opposite of each other with 1 qilin provided to each team. Teams will be required to register before the event. RULES All Gear will be provided No NLR - Teams will be respawned and teleported back to the starting location to re-gear and re-enter the fight until times is up or a team secures the prowler. Each Team will be provided with ONE QILIN each round which will not be re-spawned or teleported Single Elimination Bracket and Pick-Em Tournament with Bracket announced the day of the event THE ARENAS Federal Reserve, Koroni, Police Checkpoint 1, Salt Field, Ruins (coast near phrama), Gang Base 1, Old Illegal Dealer THESE ARE NOT IN ORDER & YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK THE ARENA REGISTRATION Teams will be required to pre-register here. Registration closes at 12am Sunday 19th of January. Bracket and Pick-Em Tournament announced by 6am Sunday 19th. Any questions can be directed to @Armando Wolff , @Mr Chu or directly to AL Senior Staff.
  6. Mr Chu

    Altis Life Tournaments To start off the new year on Altis Life we're introducing fortnightly tournaments that will be run by @Armando Wolff and AL Senior Staff. The idea is that every fortnight a tournament will be held on the server where groups of people who have registered for that coming tournament come to face each other off for the prize pools. The tournaments will be primarily PvP based but we want the community to suggest ideas for what each tournament will be based on. Keeping in mind that we do want the competitive feel to be there but not feeling restricted resulting in every tournament just feeling the same. HOW WE WANT IT TO WORK Every Monday on the fortnight a forum post about the coming tournament will be posted giving details, rules, prizes etc. On the said post this is also where you will be registering your team. There will be no rules about how teams work (e.g. you DO NOT have to be in the same gang/faction). The starting bracket of teams versing each other will be determined by skill level. Two weeks later on the Sunday the tournament will be held (the time will be decided on the post), all teams will gather into a channel on TeamSpeak for a roll call and debriefing then be free to use their desired choice of communications. Groups will then verse each other until there is a 3rd, 2nd and 1st placed group, those three groups will then be invited to a channel on TeamSpeak to claim their prizes. PRIZES - BONUSES - PREDICTIONS All prizes for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place will be stated in the said tournaments post and what the prizes are will be determined by AL Senior Staff. As well as prizes there will be bonus goodies for all to claim, for example most frags and biggest brain play. Like usual events with the bracket system predictions will be open and possibly rewards for correct predictions. TOURNAMENT SUGGESTIONS All tournament suggestions can either be sent to @Armando Wolff or AL Senior Staff. FIRST TOURNAMENT The First Tournament will take place this Sunday the 19th of January with more information to follow tomorrow!
  7. Mr Chu

    Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus @Joshua $5 paypal for 1st place pls
  8. Mr Chu

    Community Minigame Night

    Community Minigames Night The Community Team will be hosting a minigame night on Wednesday the 15th of January at 7:30pm AEDT during which a number of free to play multiplayer games will be played for a big night of laughs, shits and giggles and immature content! Depending on numbers, concurrent lobbies will be set up and played! Which games (and the number of rounds) played wi ll be up to those who join on the night! Depending on interest and the success, the community team will be conducting regular nights like these! For more information, please see the forum post! https://strayagaming.com/topic/23506-community-minigame-night/
  9. Rebel Delivery - Altis Life Event A special delivery of high grade weapons and supplies will be delivered to a temporary outpost on Altis. Any group that successfully captures and holds the outpost long enough against any opposition will be tasked with transporting it to a designated location. Key Details Date: 5th of January Event Brief: 7:20pm Sydney Time - 1920 AEDT Event Time: 7:30pm Sydney Time - 1930 AEDT Prizes / Rewards The Rebel Gang or player that successfully receives and / or transports the cargo to the designated location will keep what they capture. The delivery will include a number of Tier 4 and 5 Weapons, Gold Bars and Crafting Supplies Each successful member of the gang will also receive TS Winners Tags. Additional Rules - The area surrounding the outpost will be KOS on all parties excluding Medics - NLR applies. Participants may re-engage (if killed and respawned during outpost capture and hold phase) when the situation moves to delivery
  10. Mr Chu

    Thank you to all the turned out tonight. The winner was Luke and the IX Gang who successfully captured and delivered the truck to the Rebels. If you have any feedback or event ideas for the future, please reach out to my via discord or forum private messaging.
  11. Mr Chu

    Rainbow Six Siege Game Night

    The Community Team will be hosting a Rainbow 6 Siege Game Night on the 18th of January! Individual players will register via the registration form below with teams announced approximately 30 minutes before games are due to start. Teams will be as fair as possible matching up skill levels as best as possible. The games will be BO1, double elimination bracket with the finals being BO3. Once the teams are drawn, they may practice before games begin. For more information, please see this forum post.
  12. Mr Chu

    I agree that something has got to change and developing a mission file is probably the easiest way of doing it. One of the ideas that i have heard is using some of DarkRPs "roleplay / features" to bring something "new" / different to Altis Life. From my experience, a lot of Altis Life players have come from DarkRP looking for better skill based combat but do miss out on a little bit more of the hands on role play. Grabbing things like actually growing drugs in the drug fields, maybe with something very simple like a plant simply increasing in scale (to simply the code?) to just make it more interesting and unique instead of a boring interaction key also enforcing players to protect / control a drug field. The other is going something completely fresh and switching the map to Malden or Tanoa (most likely Malden) and trying something completely new. I'll be looking to run events in the new years to just have something different on the server regularly and I'm open to suggestions! I can write a lot more but the cricket is on ?
  13. Mr Chu

    If something like that happens and you think your deliberately being ignored (unless your IX and have a DNR placed on you for constantly ****ing around with medics) press what ever your save video button is and come and see command...... for all you know there is a multitude of factors around why they haven't responded but command can't do shit if you don't tell us what happened, when it happened and who was involved. An example: You are dead, you cant see the map, you cant see whats really happening around you,what you don't know is that someone is initiating combat with cops constantly. As per our protocols and to keep medics valuing their lives (#VLR), Medics do not enter active combat zones. Medics might then stage at market if the combat is near Syd Bridge because its a safe zone therefore they are valuing their lives. Medics have made a number of changes to encourage more people to request revives particularly at major robberies where Medics will now go closer to the major robbery and can revive those that are not in active combat whilst also taking them away from combat as per server NLR rules. That being said, im personally more open to changes and would happily push for changes that encourage more roleplay and revives closer to combat zones but you need to consider that a large portion of the server acts in a toxic and unwelcome manner towards medics or just says thanks and walks off to pick up their gear. When there is someone willing to RP, it normally ends in both parties really enjoying the experience. I wonder why you got banned from the Medic Discord when you make comments like that about a medic....
  14. Mr Chu

    ** PENDING ** Please post your Player ID (SteamID64) and TS ID and a member of Senior Command will be in contact. @waltywoo03
  15. Mr Chu

    **ACCEPTED** As per the conditions outlined in your interview with Senior Command. Welcome back to the APS! @Drone Boi
  16. Mr Chu

    ** PENDING ** Please arrange a time with Senior Command within the next week to discuss your appeal. Failure to arrange a time will result in this application being declined. @Drone Boi
  17. The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
  18. Mr Chu

    **Accepted** @AndreJxmZ
  19. Mr Chu

    ** DECLINED ** @Shrimpy Senior Command has discussed your appeal and due to the serious nature of your blacklist, we are declining your appeal at the current time due to sentence not served You may re-appeal after 1 Month
  20. Mr Chu

    ** DECLINED ** @IceyTundra Senior Command has discussed your appeal and at this stage, we are declining your appeal due to a lack of genuine effort and remorse. You may re-appeal after 1 Month
  21. I could have gone on floating through space forever.
  22. The Crimson Hand is currently recruiting like minded players who value role play over kills and "frag montages". We are a relaxed group that plays Medic primarily but we are looking to expand into a new area focusing on an Organised Rebel Organisation Our aim for our little rebel organisation is to takeover elements on the server, eventually becoming a force upon its self controlling territory and resources throughout Altis If you are interested, please fill out this application form and one of our leaders will be in contact if we are interested For those not interested or suitable for joining our little organisation, we have a shop available for you to purchase all manner of crafted items If you are interested, our Quartermasters Office can be located on our database with our prices displayed there To place an order, please fill out a purchase order and our Quartermaster and their team will be in touch
  23. Mr Chu

    As JdawgZ said its kinda hard to try and initiate role play when the first thing a rebel or a cop says to a Medic after being revived is: - Thanks mate! - What the F**k took you so long, i've been dead for nearly 10 minutes (blah blah blah) - Got RDM'ed cheers for the revive Once in a blue moon we will get someone that wants to initiate role play so we do at the scene and sometimes take them back to the hospital, diagnose, role play etc and its normally some f'ed up fun and everyone gets a huge laugh and enjoys themselves! It's also worth pointing out to people, medics have their own protocols, if combat is re initiated or continues for 10-15min, Medic's can't go in. Then you get your people that get tired of waiting and re spawn and in the end, no body needs reviving but maybe 1 person that died either at the start with an expensive load out or at the end and just "gets lucky". Then you have medic's that have tried to do their job, but in the end sit around for a while and do nothing. Major Robberies themselves, people either won't request especially if they are on the losing team unless they have a super valuable loadout or at the end of the combat. We have SOM Medics who go out there and stand bye, waiting for combat to conclude so that it is safe for them to go in and provide the medical assistance normally just to 1-3 people. For me, theres no easy way of bringing back roleplay to the server except just people (one at a time) taking that extra little bit of time to roleplay.
  24. Mr Chu

    "AREA 51"
  25. Throwing my 2 cents in, i think everyone jumped ship to early. we know there's an update coming, all indications are the dev team is working hard and from what I've heard from people that jumped on to help test, it was a step in the right direction. From both a civ and a medic standpoint, having huge fights around Syd Bridge can be extremly painful and lacking in Role play. As a medic, we respond but theres always shooting just before we can enter (or just after we start reviving) and we have to wait an eternity and even then not many stick around for the revive. If people were more open to reviving and the subsequent roleplay, i think you would find more people on the server