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    2. To make life easier and for people to get they gear on quicker so they can get into the gun fight with what they like to wear and the gun they like and all shops should have a ATM next to the vendor so you dont have to run back and fourth. quality of life to make this more fun
    3. What's the go with some shops having ATM but not others? I'm not sure how others feel but when i go to a gun shop and their's no ATM wtf am i going to do? well of course i'm going to drive to the nearest atm and depending on which part of the map im at that could either be 2km from me or 500m. what i'm saying is it's not balanced prime example would be camp Maxwell and agious cephas one has a ATM and the other doesn't? so basically if you holding Agious you set but if you're in maxwell you're screwed giving them an unfair advantage over you. It simply makes no sense on why each shop wouldn't have a atm outside the shop or even inside? you come to wasteland to Fight and Kill each other But you spend 40% of the time driving just to get to a atm and then back? Not very fun. That's just my opinion would love what other players think could be added to wasteland to balance it. personally i think admins shouldn't be able to spawn money to
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