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  1. Andre Actual

    Just afew small things, I found my time on the mission enjoyable. See attached screen shot. Also could find myself walking into vehicles and shooting out the crew.
  2. Andre Actual

    I have also thought about this position and how it would work within the I&A framework. Perhaps the points could be found rather than awarded. Similar to the Kavala mission with the obvious markers. Lets say these points could be found around the map, In old AO's, Current AO's, Side missions, Military installations.. etc Securing intel would see high command award the field commander resource points to do things like example. . Unlock extra CAS jet when the designated player runs out of allocated units, Or in absence of CAS pilot, initiate a AI CAS strike on JTAC designated targets. Approve Logistics for FOB which would see a AI controlled hemet sent from main base to designated FOB with supply container, each cost different amount depending what function it serves. It would be up to players to organize its defense In order to capture the HQ in an AO the commander must go there and 'transfer command'. Maybe only when the minimum players are on. Like the heli lock out rule. and get the F out if it goes into defense or stay and embolden the troops who are defending. Any other task to benefit the troop infield. Think something like warlords and battlefield 2... supply drops and such.. Would be interesting if he had his own unarmed grey hawk to get a battle overview, but it could only be accessed by the computer terminal in the tent next to medical. Just some quick thoughts. -A
  3. Andre Actual

    Hey all, I've not had the chance to play a game on the event server. So I'm not too sure the play style of it. If its more serious or casual like the standard I&A servers. It would be nice to use a map that offers great tactical opportunities in its terrain and structural layout(IE town/city) as well as being highly configurable. </Spitballin> I have heard that there is a map of Australia. Would be fun to do homeland defense or something like this. IE https://youtu.be/pzXxHe7ad1I http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28882 <- After some research this appears to be the latest version of the map. For some reason an up to date version of this map is very hard to find or non existent. Perhaps because its not a fictional area... Those chaps at ASIO might not like it. </End Spitballin> Anyhow, Those three qualities I think should be sought after in map selection. -Andre