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    1. tts Rawr X D

      Why are you so hunched on destroying a post that has an out for you, being that there in a balancing issue? Going through you profile I can see you commenting on issues you have had also?
    2. tts Rawr X D

      -Ye @oPanthastop hacking br0 you too @CringeSMH MY FRICKING HEAD Your profile picture implies class but your etiquette implies donkey.
    3. tts Rawr X D

      Suck me sideways if you don't like my opinion or want to defend ya mate aye I myself wont be playing a server let alone ****ing donating to it when if I have a suspicion of people hacking and then basically labeled a retard by an admin through global. I don't even care if I am the retard for calling it out but to have an admin single me out and make me feel like an idiot.... **** you. If they are not hacking then there is a clear balancing issue. To have a server with 8 - 10 players (3opfor 1blufor 4indepentant when I checked) and have 2 'indies' be somehow everywhere and be able to practically dominate on a 20 square kilometer map is ridiculous. $10 or not without dumb-ass's like me and the other donators, this server is nothing but a bunch of waste that will be on the bottom of the server list (sometimes the only way I find it is because I have it in favorites *FILTERED WASTELAND*).
    4. tts Rawr X D

      This still needs addressing. Even though I know there are no benifit to picking one side (besides power in numbers) and it would almost be impossible to implement. I'm having a hella hard time doing anything on BLUFOR. Vote 1 for /tts BLUFOR presidency
    5. tts Rawr X D

      Would make life as a lonesome BLUFOR a lot more enjoyable. Regards A lonely BLUFOR
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