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  1. DeHaas

    Hey felt keen to get back into a bitta altis life but theres like one person on rn is the server dead or something? was looking forward to hoping back in.
  2. You have to see this from a cops POV. Just removing the rule can and would lead to more cops getting screwed over, like you can deck on the Cops but we cant shoot or arrest any of your little mates who are standing next to a cop waiting for him/her to be distracted and then giving them a fat bullet to the head. I feel the only way this could be balanced out is if gang wide decks are removed and although this would in theory fix the issue. Except I feel Cops would still get screwed over. Although I can also feel how you would be frustrated over the rule. Yet just straight up removing the rule would be bad there just needs to be new rules implemented to fix this. and also the 10 man gangs sitting at SYD bridge doesn't make it fun for the cops either, SYD bridge in generally makes me wanna die even when I'm a CIV I feel as if I'm going yo either get RDM'd, robbed or just decked on so I feel some map editing or something needs to be done to remove that cancer from the server. as a nice showcase of the cancer of syd bridge there is this lovely video from Mr. 2Square : and one last thing I truly believe should be changed is the god damn civ to cop ratio its just stupid to see 20 cops and 20 civs its just unneeded if you see a **** ton of cops on and not too many civs, GO ****ING CIV its not the end of your life you can still be a cop later its just ****y to go cop when there is a retarded ratio so dont be a dick just go civ..............................................
  3. DeHaas

    Was this the day when there were 10 SF members on? cause if so that day was hell