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    1. Yeah the 17yo run n gunner piss me off a bit, but that's why I stay on Tanoa with the tacticians, we started up a little (UNOFICIAL - don't stress! lol) QRF team picking away at the side missions for rewards. That's so much better! From the moment a side op starts we have 10 minutes to sort our shit out, get a helo and insert...stop the timer. Then we start the side op. Also our crew is dabbling in ACE now.
    2. Myron

      OMG lol are players still shouting NED KELLY!? That was my fault. Legit though, every time a kid blew his load in the platoon harbour they'd shout Ned Kelly. No idea why! How do I add you on Steam? Me no worky technology! There's an initiative I want you to join in on.
    3. Myron

      Guys I've attached for your knowledge a no bullshit comms card. It has been UNLCASSIFIED and all actual codes and words have been changed to 'other' random code words and frequencies. At the top we have BADMAN. BADMAN is the codeword for SCRUBWOMAN. This is a word which changes daily and is used for marking in plain text on a radio positions on a map by numbers. This is why every letter is different and has a number below it. Example as follows: 1A this is 2A, grid by BADMAN over 2A this is 2A, send it, 2A, Golf Romeo (Grid Reference) Bravo, Whiskey, Mike, Alpha, Charlie, Sierra, over 1A, Golf Romeo (Grid Reference) Bravo, Whiskey, Mike, Alpha, Charlie, Sierra, over 2A, Correct, out. Now that number was just a random number I picked out but you can see on the comms card below that: BWMACS is grid reference: 457810 Below we have resupply chattermarks (codewords) This conversation would word as follows: 1A this is 2A, message over. 2A this is 1A, send it. 2A, requesting WHIP and BIGSTORM at grid by BADMAN, prepare to copy over. 1A, send it. 2A, Golf Romeo: Bravo, Whiskey, Mike, Alpha, Charlie, Sierra, over 1A, I read back WHIP, BIGSTORM at Bravo, Whiskey, Mike, Alpha, Charlie, Sierra, over 2A, Correct, out. Now here they have added a resupply of CES (weapons and ammo I think but can't remember exactly) and POL Petroleum Oil and Lubricants) to the grid they gave before. At the bottom of the left side of the comms card should be self explanatory. Armour: codeword IRONTIDE, primary frequency codeword: CREED...actual frequency: 7.225 0A this is Tango12, message over. Tango12 this is 0A, send it. Tango12, requesting change from CREED to and WALKER due to VIGNETTE DOLMAN, over 0A, acknowledged all, WHISKY WHISKY radiocheck, over (whiskey whiskey = all callsigns) (from here all callsigns radiocheck back with 0A in numerical order with ten second gaps between radiochecks - I'm not writing this down, but lets just say that this has just occured) 0A all stations change from CREED to WALKER in 1 mike over, (all other stations acknowledge) (a final radio check is completed and any technical issues ironed out) Here you can see that VIGNETTE means keymat and DOLMAN means compromised so 0A (command station) got all other stations (whiskey whiskey) to change from freq: CREED to freq: WALKER. This was prompted by Tango12 (Tango=tank callsign) sending in the report that they were compromised. On the top right of the card we have daily brevity words that would change on the times shown in Zulu time, GMT. Everything runs in Zulu, not Lima as you may think. 0A this is Warhorse. 0A, send over. Warhorse, is ARCTIC at this time and BLAZER for ICE eta 10 mikes over. 0A, acknowledged; Warhorse ARCTIC BLAZER requires ICE eta home plate 10 mikes. Warhorse, correct, out. Here, callsign warhorse (an Australian Blackhawk) is off station (ARCTIC) and RTB (returning to base - also called home plate) (BLAZER) for a refuel (POL) (ICE). 0A acknowledged their comms, read back the message, Warhorse said 'correct' and gave an 'out'. Now why did Warhorse give the 'out' to 0A even though 0A was HQ? Because Warhorse INITIATED the communication. Any station (jet, helo, armour, infantry) that initiates comms also closes down comms. Below this we have codewords for FOBs. This does not need an explanation. Notice there are many codes which have the same meaning? Why do you think this is? At the bottom of the right hand side are common frequencies used within the battlespace that all units need to now and their corresponding codewords.
    4. Myron

      This idea was poopooed by Bread anyways mate so it doesn't matter anymore regardless of how many people back it. Can't blame him, people have real jobs, families etc! Bread was however ok with the idea of more side ops, maybe another topic starter again? Got some very interesting ideas which I perceive would be low drag on server requirements.
    5. Myron

      Mate I'm with you hey. I've heard you have a go at players before for just being village idiots lol and it's fair. On that note, I'm assembling a little present for people like yourself and the DV team which will be on a new topic. ...coming soon.
    6. Myron

      OK no worries mate. Thanks for your feedback and honesty
    7. Myron

      Hey Bread, I'm kind of new to ArmA. What's a Platoon Channel? I know of side and group. Reference new side missions, how would you like us to get proposals to your dv team and what are our arcs of what is feasible? Thanks for being open to this man, that's really cool!
    8. Myron

      OK no worries man, we'll just keep on doing what were doing.
    9. Myron

      I just did a little sex wee
    10. Myron

      Yeah that occurred to me Axle; I figured that just the two facilities would be ok. Literally just where the soldiers 'lived/worked'. Not everyone has 64Gb RAM lol
    11. Myron

      ...the main thing we can take away from these photos is that everything is lived in. Everything smells like armpit and foot fungus
    12. Myron

    13. Myron

    14. Myron

      Hi Guys! I noticed that right now in I&A, the bases and FOBs are a little bare. I would like to offer my services and personal time if needed to add objects to make them seem 'lived in'. Only the places used most, not the whole map! At the main base on Tanoa flightline is bone dry empty, the fobs have the bare essentials in them. None of these objects would physically add any benefit but with regards to world building it is my humble opinion that players would get a lot more from it 'feel' wise. They would experience what it is like to be in a FOB or Base. If you see the hanger below from Timor Leste you can see what I mean. I have personal experience in this area and think the players might get one hell of a kick from a few world building changes. Lastly any suggestions requests are purely made out of excitement and love for the game and are no way intended to tread on anyone's toes.
    15. Myron

      TBH Zombine we seem to be most of the way there already. - I run comms for QRF - Grovesey runs liason comms for Aircraft ...all were missing is a player to run comms for battle group main, that player also doubles up as the Commander role. It's just one person. People can still run and gun all they want. It'll mean we can liase with battle group main without being in their group and pissing them off. It's just one more player that we need to give it a shot. Anyway, if anyone is interested in infantry minor tactics, urban formations etc let me know, I'll run a short lesson tonight after 8pm (when my kids are in bed lol).
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