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  1. Nugs

    Nah bro, I pickled at my R A P E hahahah
  2. Nugs

    Greast vid, but I must admit, the 70's porn sound track at the start had me hooked
  3. Nugs

    Please make it available asap if you can. For most players, they want the no brainer when sending rounds out of the pipe, for me, I try to not use the AC and never have line of sight to keep me on my toes. Cheers mate.
  4. Nugs

    Great work my kiwi bro, great work.
  5. What would this entail in the way of scripting though? You still have the issue of TS queuing as well, is there a way to integrate ingame actions to force a channel change in TS?
  6. Nugs

    Nor would I. Josh gave all the reasons why not to.
  7. Nugs

    I'm all for more fire support in an AO, especially for the defend missions. Finding someone to be willing to sit and wait for fire missions is a totally different beast, I've noticed people aren't patient enough to sit and wait which is why the Mortar Gunner slot is rarely utilised. I'm wondering exactly how many rounds you would think is suitable before a resupply is called for? 1 x 6 round mission + 3 smoke? 12 x Mixed rounds? As Kerry and Fitz pointed out, cluster munitions leave problems behind so they aren't really suitable. Same goes for mine dispensers. The only thing about having the arty being able to be resupplied and always on call is the potential for trolls to wipe out an entire AO of Blufor. Granted its a slim probability but it is probable given some of the mongs that blow in and out...
  8. What sort of scummy developer/publisher makes someone pay $129 for the entire game and dlc, then drops a 70% off sale 2 months later, and THEN, decides to drop another DLC that basically does not allow you to even join an SG server? I will tell you who, BI aka The Evil Little Sadistic Brother of EA. **** BI, in the ass, with a piece of red hot M15 reo z-bar.
  9. Nugs

    Can I suggest a Mr Hanky/Towely skin for the little birds would be awesome. With "Hiiiii-dy-hiii" on one side, and "Blazin" or "Relax, it's just a game" on the other. South Park is horribly under represented in this game. And let's be honest, seeing a giant Cartman as a little bird flying into the AO with "Die ya ****in commie bastards" would be amusing.
  10. How do lads, and ladies, I am Nugs aka Mick, aka #ohhhthat****wit aka #who? and after a while lurking I thought I should say howdoo to the I&A old timers, nooguise (like me) and the mods, for courtesy and a little brevity perhaps as well. Please be warned, I have +- 0.001% filter, and can be terribly un-pc (which is what the mods are for I guess...) but I am not a racist, bigot, or generally nasty guy, I just tend to say it how I see it. Anyhoo I will just leave this here; TL;DR? Why play a milsim if you don't want to work as a team, either effective communication, and effective small unit tactics? It goes without saying that this is indeed my first contribution to the SG I&A forum, and although I hope it is well received tbh I have exactly zero copulations to give if it is booked into the archival pits of this forum. Be advised, you need beer, or a nice hot cup of bonox to deal with my somewhat saga-ish way of posting. Short is sweet, but a tale is never told in less than 150 characters. Now that is said let me begin. After an extremely long hiatus away from the BI franchise I have returned to the world of immersion (OP Flashpoint/RH/Resistance with no ArmA in between), and I am pleasantly surprised by the way this particular sandbox has evolved. Having said that, I have noted that BI has devolved in some ways by following the typical pay for DLC while stealing mods and addons ideas from the community. The latter is a discussion for another time, but I can say that the community across the board has remained the same by delivering 1st class mission building, addons, mods, and generally non toxic camaraderie when online. When I first checked the public server list I do admit I had a little moistness in my nethers as decent low ping online co-op and MP was scarce in the early days. After a week of trawling through the good, ok, and woeful, I found this particular server hosting both large maps, and to say the least, I was as keen as Jimmy Saville/Robert Hughes etc at a under 12s charity talent show to jump on and have a good bloody go at it. Reflection: Good crowd, no toxicity, no mods, some semblance of order with good comms chatter and 2 people directing the way to victory, and a relatively low pop server which means I can just jump in a helo and do what I want (Doh no gunships!). Whoops, advanced flight mode, didn't even clear the base, ok well uh let's do some spotting and figure out the controls again. Fast forward a few hours and all semblance of order disappears with a general whimper as the designated TL's log off, and the overall experience degenerates into a free for all with a bit more comms carry on and double the number of players. Over the past two months I have begun to develop some idea of who likes to play in the competitive kill kill pew pew leaderboards style, and who likes to slow it down and utilise all the facets of both A3 and this particular co-op concept. The difference in play between Altis and Tanoa is literally chalk and cheese, or should I say Skateboards and Jason recliners (Yeah it is an older crowd on Tanoa, luff you guise). Me, I like to play the long game, with a bit of recon which leads into the assault phase after some good old fashioned blowing the shit out of anything that has the capacity to turn your game into a sharpie, namely mounted heavy weapons, static emplacements, and air support. But this sort of play isn't everyone's cup of tea, and 50% of the time it all goes to shit, which can be fun but extremely frustrating as well, especially for those who are on limited play time or have low tolerance for such things... So, I ask, is the "relaxed/casual" component of I&A something that those who play the long game tend to tolerate, due to the great concept and community, or is it something that those players endure because of everything above? This answer to that question genuinely interests me as the proportion of long time SG players that I have come across tend to receive the idea of an ordered approach to each AO better than the ****it lets just drive in and kill mentality. Do you sacrifice relaxed play with no screaming orders, regimented comms discipline, proper squad movements for the ability to just do whatever the **** you want? Or do you retain the casual vibe and have a little order so as to push through each AO while minimising the amount of respawning and general frustration at the lack of medics, armour support, and CAS? Get at me, here or in game, let me know what you think, of me and what I have pondered here. Constructive feedback is welcome, and if you feel the need to ever tell me to stfu or pull up then do so, I don't have the tendency to snitch or complain to the mods, unless you are impacting everyone's gameplay. And remember, communication is my thing, if I send traffic to you by name, more than 3 times, and you ignore me, I will *ask* you why you are ignoring me, a little bit of courtesy in acknowledging someone talking to you goes a long way. And if I am in your slot, or you want a go in a role that is limited that I am playing in, just ask, and I will play another role. I will finish with the virtual dick suck here, the server devs and mods do a great job with I and A, and there are a good group of blokes on both servers who make this game time fun. Thanks to the retirees on Tanoa, Marz/Risky et al you guys are cool dudes who probably don't even know what a forum is but anyway... The Altis crew of Aiden, Josh, DEAD, Killroy, Myron, Simon et al too many of ya to list but when the shit is on I know you blokes get it done and will come and rez me for being such a bullet sponge. Obligatory ham sandwich for Fitz and a Tuna casserole for Noskire because I heard that is his favourite. #ineedanap
  11. 2 cucumber sammiches please Josh, and a pot of tea too thanks.

  12. Nugs

    Thanks dude! I reckon it will be me and yours truly that actually has some fun with this. Listening to the comms chatter will be hilarious. Ned Kelly?
  13. Nugs

    Nugs finds this all very interesting, and will back this idea. Nugs is also from the days of OpF and Resistance so A3 is still new. SG is casual a f, but some semblance of order is required at times.