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  1. James_Xi7

    This was great fun and a great challenge and hopefully our addiction to Straya Gaming's I&A can help some people in need.
  2. James_Xi7

    I'm in.
  3. James_Xi7

    Bush vs Marshall = bush wins:
  4. James_Xi7

    Is the new invisible ghillie suit too OP?
  5. James_Xi7

    An armed Hunter on Livonia:
  6. James_Xi7

    Long story short, I got my first introduction to multiplayer Arma 3 playing I&A on Altis with y'all 4 years ago and made many friends and had a lot of fun. At the time I was working away from home and while I was away I lost access to my digital profile. I finally found an old hard drive with all my login data and have managed to get access to my steam account. I was injured at work and looking at a 3 month rehab (legitimately) so the first thing I did was get 4 years worth of DLC and jump on the I&A Livonia server and have clubbed up over 100 hours on this beautiful map in one and a half weeks. Once again I find myself playing with a great bunch of guys and I'm slowly learning about all the new content as I go with the assistance of all the great players. Thank you for still being great, Straya Gaming community.