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      Name: Shrimpy Rank: Intensive care Paramedic Badge Number: 468 Reason For Being Disciplined? Harassment towards Command, Harassment towards other members of the APS, and something else I'd prefer not to make public. Why should the discipline be reduced / removed, given what you did? I believe it should be reduced because I have learnt from my actions and believe that harassing people over concerns/problems that I have is not the correct way to go about things. I made a severe lack of judgement and did not think about what I was doing at the time which led me to say things that I in honesty did not completely mean. I was in a bad head space and was influenced by negative people around me. What can you bring to the APS? I believe I can bring what I used to bring to the APS. A positive caring and all around relatively friendly yet protocol guided nature that I used to have as a member of the APS. I was experienced and highly knowledgeable of the APS protocols and feel like I can help share that and educate newer medics as this was my entire reason to join the APS in the first place. I know I won't have the same level of respect nor trust that I used to I just hope you all can understand I know I shouldn't have said the things I did and that it wont happen again. I've learnt and next time if I have a problem with somebody instead of making a negative face of the APS I will keep it private and either take it to the person whom I have the problem with or keep it to myself as I know there is no place for negativity nor toxicity in the APS or this world.
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