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      Hello I'm, well a new member but i have been on the StrayaGaming Invade and Annex for about 4 years now. I really enjoy this community and the people who are in it. I don't play very often, maybe once a day for a couple of hours, and within that time i like to just hang out with some good people and "Shoot the shit". I try to be nice and polite when I'm on the server, so if it sounds like I'm pissed off I'm usually having a go at my cat. (No i don't physically abuse my cat, she can just be annoying sometimes) I play on invade and annex more than anything on Arma 3 because i like the teamwork involved in doing so. I chose to join up on StrayaGaming because i have had the most fun here and the moderators are some pretty cool dudes. The people who i have also met on here can be very interesting to talk to and play with, so i basically cant find as much enjoyment anywhere else really. I'm not one for starting trouble, causing any problems, and i have no intentions on doing so. I'm just here to have a good time with some good people.
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