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    There are SO many things that happen behind scenes that you dont know so you cant say we have lost motivation to do anything, you dont think we have tried? You dont think we are still trying? If you know of a GOOD dev that can code, not a map dev, then yeah send them bouda, asnee, james way and they will see but good luck
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    It's much harder to find a dev that is trustworthy and good at their job to do that effectively and efficiently, saying that we know all the issues revolving around bugs and the play styles of the people. I wish it was that easy to fix it.
  6. RiseAvATAR

    locker wipes
  7. RiseAvATAR

    Yessir, conquests, conflicts, or whatever you want to call it. It does well for a lot of servers and brings in big gangs mostly every time. Instead of just a fight on OG or anywhere on the map, you have everyone fighting for a prize every couple days or every day depends on how you set it up at a location you vote either in-game or the forums a day or 12 hours before the fight. Costs of kits, cars, helis that are brought a rebel during the time of the conquest, conflict etc go into the pot Every kill you get an extra bit of money as you go Obviously I don't know everything about this (all the ins and outs) but I feel if this is executed correctly it could be really good for the server along with all the bug fixes the AL staff team are working on atm along with the community feedback, civ changes we are looking at etc
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    gangs or server dies im sorry but true
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    laughing soooooo much
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    "AoW best gang" + ix:)
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    +1 the big dog, big fragger and real good cop
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