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    1. _Aiden_

      Acknowledgement of Declaration: Yes Basics: - Name: Aiden TeamSpeak Name: Aiden Age: 15 Hours Played as Pub Slot before placing this application (minimum 15 Hours): Around the 15 hour mark Hours on Arma 3: 787 Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198886630406 Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198886630406/ Recommendation: - You must have two referrals from a Senior Constable or above. If you do not supply two referrals and they cannot be confirmed your application will be denied. (@their name) Referral One: RuSty3H Referral Two: Mitchell atlas Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): Pretty sure it was RuSty3H Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department (100 words minimum)?: I would like to join the APD as I have found it fun over the past couple days of being a recruit. I have seen what it’s like to a police officer and how to react in situations under stress. I think the APD can teach me new skills in many situations from close quarters combat responding to banks,Roleplay skills and interrogating people. Over the last couple days, I’ve been intrigued by these characteristics and would like to experience more. I want to see what it’s liketo be a team leader and build trust among the other Officers of the APD If you are successful; where do you see yourself in 3 months in the APD (50 words minimum)?: I would like to see myself a solid staple in the APD community and seen as a trusted police officer. In the next 3 months I would like to see myself push and strive for these excellences and have a reputation as a nice person to be around. I would like to be a good example of a police officer of the Altis police Department and courage more people to join. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department (50 words minimum)?: I believe that I can bring a responsible and respectful person to the APD that follows orders and tries their best to get it done. I’ll bring a dedicated and coordinated person that will take time to do what is right.If I get accepted, ill to my very best to make all these things possible and bring an ideal officer to the APD. Do you have any experience as a Police Officers from other servers?: No Other than Police, what previous role play scenarios have you been a part of on Straya-Gaming?: I play as a Medic on Straya, I have roleplay experience with similar people that often run into police and know how to effectively roleplay. How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: Around 3 hours at the very minimun. Have you ever been banned, kicked or watchlisted from Altis Life at any stage? If so when and why: No Conclusion: - Have you read and understood the Altis Life Server Rules?: Yes Have you read and understood the Altis Police Department Protocols?: Yes By submitting this application you agree to the limitations of being a Probationary Constable that is set above: Yes Do you acknowledge that by partaking in illegal or 'Rebel' activities you do not have the right to apply for Police Divisions within the APD such as S.R.T, Criminal Investigations Unit or be promoted past Senior Sergeant: Yes
    2. _Aiden_

      Name: Aiden Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198886630406/ Player UID: 76561198886630406 Discord Name: Aiden Previous Gang Experience: Was apart of CK and 7s Why would you like to join: Because I would like to join a casual, yet capable gang that can do banks and multiple different combat and roleplay scenarios