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    Group Name: Øblivion Category (Rebel / Cartel or Contractor): Rebel Group's Founder (You can only have one founder): memo Group's members: Dixie, Charle, Sonnymack, Donniebrah, Jackdurry, Pajamapants, Changbarron, Cookie, Dolby, Hate, Zillion. Roleplay backstory of the group: We were a crime fighting gang, and we were oblivious to what the members were doing behind our backs and decided to create our own gang named oblivious and decided to get back and them living on altis and taking over kos island. What we can expect to see from you on Altis: Lots of fighting, no toxic messages sent out, active and having a good time.
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    idk why u complaining just make money on civi if u gonna complain i gotta grind
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    They used it on 1 person that's the whole point we're getting at
  5. Memo

    4 cops bum rushed me and then they die and they blow tower up smh even tho they have like 5 more cops left there is 1 on me