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    Let's talk about Altis Life. So as we all know, the Altis Life server isn't experiencing the best turnout as of recently. That said, anyone can pull suggestions out of their ass and say "This will make the server great again!" but it's not all that. Yeah, it's all well and good to present those ideas but it is also a good idea to explain why and it is also good idea to identify any issues that these suggestions may be a possible solution to. The hope is to use this thread as a place for those suggestions to be collated with accompanying reasoning factors and possible issues. An example being 'I'm losing interest because the only thing good for money is drug runs and I don't want to drive 40km in a HEMTT Box with a top speed of 50km/h. There should be a drug created worth slightly less but within a reasonable distance for driving that isn't so long that all you are doing is driving and losing further interest.' The above indicates the issue that players are losing interest because they are getting bored with the distance that they have to trek to make a profitable run. It also provides a suggestion to create a new drug field and form of run. This suggestion also acts as a solution to one problem. Now I know that not everyone's wishes can be achieved and some suggestions require time and effort in order to achieve them thus potentially making them nonviable but I'm sure a reason why it's not viable would also be appreciated by the community. I guess I'll get the ball rolling. 1. Lack of communication. Many posts that I have seen are suggestions from the community. They are coming from the ones that want to contribute in any way they can and the ones that want to have some fun. They are constantly asking for new material and frequently asking when updates are coming and what they will entail. We don't often see a satisfying response. The solution to this is to have a clear line of communication across the board from the server manager, through the server staff and right down to the players. The way I look at it, metaphorically, this is a chain that is holding a load (the server) and if the chain is broken, the load will fall. But respond to the players when they ask for an update. No one cares if an update isn't coming this month but at least make an effort to let them know not to expect one this month. 2. Lack of players (Duh). Since the release of Arma 3, it seems that a lot of its younger player base is starting to phase out of the game and I believe we can see that in the server stats. The server is reaching higher numbers after 4PM on weekdays than it does at any time during the weekend. This is consistent with the behaviour of growing up. Talking from personal experience, we knock off work on Friday afternoon and decide to spend our weekend with friends and family. After a work day, we want to chill out so we play some games. Another thing to attribute to this is a lack of updating. There's nothing new. As we grow older, we get sick of repetition. The solution? Focus on bringing things that will engage the older audience. No one wants to be on Arma 3 playing a game of cops and robbers that comes to an end by crashing into a bush now, do they? Personally, I'd go to GTA V for that. They're just examples. I see a lot more but I have only recently got back into SG AL after a while away so I'd rather leave that to those who have been playing since the server started up or most thereof. Obviously, they don't need to be in depth, just a simple issue, solution and why. I'd like to think that by providing a reason for a suggestion, it is more likely to be taken into consideration because it has weight. It's not just a willy nilly suggestion such as "ALLOW GUNS IN THE CITY!" or "HALF THE PRICE OF HELICOPTERS!!!!!" If you don't think this will work, speak out. Why won't it work? What is the way to go around it? We can't just complain about it and not do our part to fix it.
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    Giving that it is now March, it is safe to say you will not receive your 'Feb Update'.