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  1. Prophecy

    Implement a server population.
  2. Prophecy

    We had one last year.
  3. Prophecy

    Far too specific to ever be used, there are already existing strategies that perform the same task with more effectiveness such as [REDACTED] and maybe even [REDACTED].
  4. Prophecy

  5. Prophecy

    Apd raid

    When being raided by the APD it does not show a map marker to identify which house of yours is being raided.
  6. Prophecy

    Gas stations

    Some of the new gas stations at Sydney and North of Sydney have very short ranges for helicopters to refuel / don't have any auto refuel scripts on them at all. Can the these be edited to allow helicopters to refuel at them?
  7. Prophecy

    Zaros car garage

    Car garage spawns your vehicle 12km away from your location. Likely just wrong target for spawn.
  8. Prophecy

    Bank randomisation error

    Due to the randomisation script sometimes banks will spawn on top of each other or spawn doubled up as the randomiser appear to randomise the same bank twice, or have two separate banks in the same area, key examples that happen often are Abandoned Bank and at Westpac banks, key symptom is doubled doors and massive frame drops.
  9. Prophecy

    Military compound

    The bar gates to access Military Compound cannot be opened.
  10. Prophecy

    Shipping yard

    The double fence gate to access the command building surrounded by H-Barriers on the shore of Shipping is set to not animate and cannot be opened.
  11. Prophecy

  12. Prophecy

  13. Prophecy

    Yooo it's this guy!
  14. Prophecy

  15. Prophecy

    Federal reserve inner dome

    Federal Reserve inner dome needs to be set to allow simulation, Mr Chu confirmed it hadn't been set to allow simulation by whoever last edited the mission.sqm. It's been a major issue given it's a popular robbery for Rebels, and they can't even access the interior properly without glitching - Which is against server rules.