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  1. Ticker175

    The recent implementation of teleporting around base is awesome. I would love if you could teleport to the dock from base so the boats are used more
  2. Ticker175

    My main argument for trying to get these rounds added is so mortars are more likely to be called in as they would be suited to more tasks not so they don’t have to be called in I’ve used smoke mortars on the server and they are extremely underpowered the amount of smoke they create is pathetic. So I don’t think that people spamming smoke all over the place will be much of an issue. I think the laser guided rounds would be great because they are HEAT and will be able to damage enemy’s tanks. They are also laser guided so infantry will be able to call in mortars on an area and guide the mortars towards the intended target even if they are moving away from their original position
  3. Please this is long overdue Not sure if it’s possible but a inventory like system similar to player loadouts would do just fine
  4. Ticker175

    I don’t see why we only have access to HE and flare mortars. I understand the removal of mine shells and the heat seeking shells but why the laser guided and smoke. I think these would be very useful and would improve teamwork between a mortar team and infantry in the AO it would also give the mortar gunner something else to do because 90% of the time the mortar gunner role entails waiting for call ins and trying to convince people to call u in, so if they had a bigger selection of rounds they would get used more
  5. Ticker175

    I thought it would be pretty cool if there was a leaderboard for sniper kills similar to the leaderboards for medics and tower ranger
  6. Ticker175

    Yes I share the same opinion as SNAFU, when people see other players climbing on top of buildings I would assume that they would want to know how to do the same and as SNAFU said it is a tiny download it is also uncomplicated to find as if it’s implemented like the JSRS and blastcore mods people will be given a prompt if they join the server via the launcher if they also want to load this mod yes I agree a mod simply for squad radar is unnecessary but the server already has a squad radar and I just simply find it lacking in customisation and I thought it would be easier for me to convince the great straya gods to add a single line of code to allow the loading of a mod rather than completely redesigning their already functional script
  7. The enchanted movement mod is probably one of the most used mods in arma it allows for extremely effective use of terrain and obstacles. it lets you climb objects which would otherwise be impossible to scale this is awesome because it allows infantry greater tactical movement and better cover which will inevitably make people enjoy the server more! The big plus with adding this mod is that it won’t reduce the server pop at all because it is a client side mod. It is also extremely easy to add to the server as all that would need to be changed is allowing people to join with the mod another mod that is worth consideration is DUI (squad radar). But I’ll stick to one mod at a time and won’t push my luck
  8. Ticker175

    If something like this was to be added you would need to have restrictions for using the Arty, like making it so you need to have played at least 50 hours on the server and dont have a large amount of friendly fire reports recently (maybe within the last 24 hours or week). Reguarding the FOB Arty, i think that would be a good idea but it would have to have restricted use because someone could get on it and launch a ton of shells at friendlys and noone would notice for quite a while (unlike the base arty atm where its in clear sight of spawn and the transport pilots). With the restocking the fob arty for ballancing issues you may want to make it require a lot of crates to be delivered (eg 4+ for every restock). My loadout suggestion for the artillary is: 8xHE, 16x Smoke, 4x Incendary, 1xcluster Also a possible way to remove most of the trolling problems would be making a new artillary role and to use the arty you need to have 2 people in the vehicle (one in commander one in gunner)