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    If something like this was to be added you would need to have restrictions for using the Arty, like making it so you need to have played at least 50 hours on the server and dont have a large amount of friendly fire reports recently (maybe within the last 24 hours or week). Reguarding the FOB Arty, i think that would be a good idea but it would have to have restricted use because someone could get on it and launch a ton of shells at friendlys and noone would notice for quite a while (unlike the base arty atm where its in clear sight of spawn and the transport pilots). With the restocking the fob arty for ballancing issues you may want to make it require a lot of crates to be delivered (eg 4+ for every restock). My loadout suggestion for the artillary is: 8xHE, 16x Smoke, 4x Incendary, 1xcluster Also a possible way to remove most of the trolling problems would be making a new artillary role and to use the arty you need to have 2 people in the vehicle (one in commander one in gunner)