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  1. Thanks for the Heads up Fitz! I will continue to donate untill i reach the $150 mark! If i only want to play PVE, do i Donate to Invade & Annex Server or Wasteland Server? I have been playing Battle Patrol & that is a level of play i am comfortable with at my present ability on the game. I have been hacked a couple of times so i have not been able to play!

    1. Oz Andy

      Oz Andy

      Sorry Fitz, got the full message on my mobile mate & i have just sorted that! Now i will get your messages on my mobile from Straya mate. I will try Invade & Annex mate? Will donate in next couple days! Love your work bud

    2. Fitz


      Yes Oz, Invade & Annex is the one. Cheers

  2. Hi Joshua, am looking into getting a Wild West Game on Epic Games for sale. Can you get into that sort of stuff? Sorry if dumb question, am new to forum chat?

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    2. Oz Andy

      Oz Andy

      I have a short cut on my home screen. Is there something else i need matey?

    3. Oz Andy

      Oz Andy

      Hi Joshua, i can not work out how to Donate again? Can you help me mate

    4. Josh_ua