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    Group Name -Dust Empire Category (Rebel or Contractor) - Contractor Group's Founder (You can only have one founder) - Daddy Dust Group Founders Player UID (find UID here) -76561198017483652 Group's members - Daddy Dust , Kitten Dust , Kxnqq , Rhys , Silver , Alex , Lone What we can expect to see from you on Altis - -Removeing Weapons off the streets of Altis -Assisting APD with Securing Scenes, Active Shooters, Bank Robberies, etc -Interverning druing Gas Station Robberies -Removeing Abandon Vehicles From the streets -Protecting New Players in and around City Limits -Protecting New Players at Leagal Mines/Fields -Protecting New Players All Around Altis Our back story starts us of on a secluded island, far away from altis. The boat we were in on the way to altis got hit by a rouge missile from an unknown source, we swam to the nearest shore, we asked around where we are, a nice young man dressed in rebel gear told us to go to a place called ‘North Rebel’, we marked it on our GPS that just worked after being water logged and thus started our journey. Our members come from near and afar as they pass the initiation phase, some try and end up dying due to blood loss, some loose kidneys, some gain respect. Our members are blood thirsty rebels needing a release, blood.. we need more blood. Who ever passes our recruitment process gets into the gang, but they must pay the price of what is to come, what happens to others, we.. us.. the Dust Empire, we see a lot, we see death. You need to be prepared for that.