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    Reason, extra armour and it looks cool
  2. SangheliWarlord

    I also said if the staff wish they could add them to the rewards list like they do with cobalt, uranium, and tier 2 and 3 tools
  3. Space engineers already has an inbuilt method for preventing offline raiding with a end game device called a safezone which needs to be maintained by acquiring safezone chips. This mod defeats the purpose of going to through the effort of building one of these devices and putting in the effort to maintain it. Offline raiding is not an issue specific to space engineers and occurs on almost all online sandbox games in one form or another and given that there is in fact an inbuilt feature of the game that allows players to protect against this if they are willing to put the effort in to acquire it, it doesn't make sense to make this in-game feature redundant by offering blanket protection to everyone who makes themselves a faction, if they want there stuff to be protected when they are offline they should go through the effort of making a safezone, And if the staff wanted to they could make acquisition of these safezones easier by adding safezone chips to the rewards list. In conclusion there doesn't need to be a mod this redundant in the mod list.