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    And here.
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    Good luck for exams.
  3. Richard

    There is no harm creating and modifying it as we go (rules that is). Good stuff.
  4. Richard

    Good idea, Thanks for your suggestion, Kalthramis.
  5. Richard

    Mark, Yes, you can tell people to "Shut the Fuck Up", however, the better approach is to get a consensus and then make a rule for the piloting channel and/or what Shift597 indicated a lounge area. Another issue/opinion, is that the other channels are not used to their potential, that is if you are Alpha squad you should use the TS Alpha. If you need to get an Evac then by all means move to the pilot channel to request or see what is happening etc. I have checked other I&A servers, especially some of the Seppos, they are more organised in using these channels eg: 77th Joint Special Operations (77th JSOC) <ts.77th-jsoc.com> Just some food for thought.
  6. I have been holding this back for a while, while piloting and logged in the pilot channel it seems to me that there is an increase in useless chat. That is, people seem to like to hear their own voices. Anyway, just my rant for the day.