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    1. Rhys Beckett

      hi dad
    2. Rhys Beckett

      no way thats some dirty farmer ass
    3. Rhys Beckett

      @Red -400 rep amiright
    4. Rhys Beckett

      @Staff add this Also @staff put me in commissioner id be a great one xx
    5. Rhys Beckett

      Anarchy 99 is now recruiting, hit me up through this post or PM me on the forums if you're interested in joining - Recruiting all mature people of all ages. - Can show some good ol tactics - Will be an active rebel group - Will make you rich - Will be some good fun
    6. Rhys Beckett

    7. Rhys Beckett

      mate, you obvs dont know half the cop force aha, they only come on for banks etc
    8. Rhys Beckett

      Do a mad Hunger Games Event in a bush land area on Altis 1v1 tournament until it gets down to one final winner Convoys for civilians to attack - dont have admins invincible in vehicle and no armed helis or jets pls Do like a Hide and Seek Event Michael Myers type event - one guys hunts down a group of people hiding, and the once there is only one guy in the hiding group left he can then shoot the hunter. IF YOU NEED MORE DETAILS ON THESE TYPE EVENTS HIT ME UP
    9. Rhys Beckett

    10. Rhys Beckett

      Goon Squad is now taking Expressions of Interest to join. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd16gA4gfby2oXxm7P3JSEmgQ2Csk8Me8EQcYyV3wKp9SmE-A/viewform
    11. @Sgt.Phantom @FarmerGeorge98
    12. Rhys Beckett

    13. Rhys Beckett

      ahaha my boy
    14. Rhys Beckett

      sHUT UP NOOB
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