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  1. Unit_3397

    I like it. While many aspects of the game are unfinished as it is early access, it is still enjoyable. I have yet to experience anything game-breaking. You can always demo the game by purchasing the game through steam. As long as you play under 2 hours, you can refund it no questions asked. Check out one of Spiffling brit's video on the game. It shows some of the current/ now patched exploits/ glitches that have been sighted about.
  2. Hi lads and ladies, For those interested in Mountblade, tale worlds are releasing the game within the hour, head over to Taleworlds - Twitchtv for their launch stream. Regards. Unit_3397
  3. Unit_3397

    Christ i cant believe i created a group for this game xD
  4. Get it while shes hot boys! Regards. Unit_3397
  5. Unit_3397

    i bet it was a hot day for you?
  6. you know me, wasteland all de wey :P
  7. Unit_3397

    "Rise early, work hard, strike oil”
  8. Unit_3397

    oh yeah baby, @Nova this your work shining its light? ? gotta find de time to check this out!
  9. Unit_3397

    I love the idea of rewarding loyal players, but I fail to see a viable solution as most things considered, veterans don't need to be more overpowered than they already are. ? All things considering, the servers pop is slowly rising... Of course, if it should fall again, then I guess another overhaul of the server may be in order. I agree that wasteland should be more deathmatch orientated than grinding simulator. If I had the devs that could dedicate 100% of their time back in my day I imagined a very different style of wasteland one focused on skill and deatchmatch over grinding. No survival elements (food/ water/ fatigue~ leads deathmatch focus astray) Fully coded/ balanced server events (events weren't necessarily balanced back in my day due to lack of coding) No thermals or unmanned vehicles (leads gameplay away from skill) Low/ medium tier vehicles & all weapons dirt cheap while high end within reason (perhaps nerfing of particular elements to balance those pesky high-end vehicles) Spawn with 10k, earn 5k per capture, earn 10k per 20 minutes etc... (everyone rich = more balanced between new & long term players/ skill-based gameplay over grindfest) 2 teams, with no faction bonuses or benefits Unique 'event' mission files/ server events such as Hardcore (first person only/ no crosshair etc) , tanks only, bolt action snipers only etc... essentially I envisioned a skill based style deathmatch that attempted to find a balance between newcomers and long-term players. A form of play between fun/ tactics. Imagine a new player to straya wasteland; Scoreboard showing veterans having over 50+ kills exploring money grinding vs item costs realizing that veterans have quite a bit more cash than they do getting killed relentlessly by the same veteran/ veteran groups starting off lone wolf trying to purchase stuff in stores guarded via air/ formidable force etc... Pretty off-putting I'd say ? mmmm perhaps a li'll too much space? ? The minority has the potential to become the majority. Not all players have buddies that can team up together to help take down a threat, and for those that try, they are generally fronted with a formidable veteran squad utilizing both vehicles and tactics to their advantage. Yes, you can argue that's the point of the game, but as server owners they have to consider the li'll people. ?
  10. Unit_3397

    updates are key ;)
  11. Unit_3397

    Wicked to hear therms and drones are gone, it just gave regular players an even better edge. Its always the struggle i guess, finding a near as practical balance between keeping new players and keeping the loyal ones happy.
  12. Unit_3397

    Typically in the top 10 melee soldiers within the game every 30 days. Second this time around :)
  13. Tis in here you may post your relevant heroes and generals screenshots. Be it for proudness or for bragging purposes.
  14. Unit_3397

    yeah :3 Didn't matter if moz was representing straya staff or not, he was a wizard. Great to kick back on a Friday night with and an all-rounder awesome guy.
  15. Unit_3397

    Post your bug issues in here bruh, or better still, track down james32 on Teamspeak or discord and let him know directly :)