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  1. Mozkelby

    Hi guys, Sorry, this won't be a very long post, keeping it short and sweet. After careful thought and consideration over the past while, I have decided that it has now come the time for me to leave Strayagaming. I would like to take the time to thank those who have who had given me the opportunity to contribute to the community through our staff team, it's been a truly wonderful experience from the very beginning. All the best of luck, Moz
  2. Mozkelby

    You've put in a massive amount of dedication and work into our servers, and for that we are incredibly greatful. All the best for the future, and I'll look forward to chatting with you again soon.
  3. Mozkelby

    Unfortunately, due to resource limitations, it is not possible to manipulate the terrain of Altis, Stratis, or Tanoa without the source files, of which are held tightly with Bohemia. Even if we were capable of accessing the source files (excluding the provided P: Drive map_data in Arma 3 Tools, which is nowhere near enough data to rebuild any of the default terrains accurately), and rebuilt/recompiled the terrain data, every player would still have to download a separate mod in order to play on the server. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further suggestions for our Wasteland server
  4. Mozkelby

    // Thread Locked //
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    //Thread Locked Further fixes will continue to be posted here.
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    Ugh, *gulp*
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  9. Mozkelby

    That could work.
  10. Mozkelby

    The reason they're not in there is the exact reason we put the mortars up to 200k (now down to 100k). Tanks that use long-range MLRS systems are incredibly overpowered on a small island such as Stratis, and could cause devastation to the opposing team if you program the artillery computer to strike the right area. On all of those vehicles, from the artillery computer, you are able to strike the entire island from one place (and way beyond, for that matter.) Park it next to an ammo truck and you've got the full set. Another thing to factor in is the size of the rounds. 230mm of freedom (sandstorm) is what you'd see taking down whole building blocks - to put that into perspective, the mortar uses 82mm rounds. If they were implemented, I'd estimate the price to be upwards of 200k, and/or perhaps disabling the artillery computer.
  11. Mozkelby

    Absolutely, I think it's a great idea. I've been wanting to include a custom start screen for a while now, our current one is vanilla, and doesn't have any uniqueness. Once we've updated our Wasteland version (what we're currently working on), we'll be able to shift onto things like this.
  12. Mozkelby

    The list wouldn't change very often, so perhaps not. But I am intrigued by the idea of including the top-10 players - not that it changes very often either, but as Swordfish mentioned it could drive more competition amongst more active players.
  13. Mozkelby

    I'm going to talk to our Senior Administrator about adding this and DynaSound into our server as soon as I can. It's been suggested quite a few times before, but we simply hadn't gotten around to putting them in. @Quantum
  14. Mozkelby

    Gotta love the good ol' Javascript. Works magic.
  15. Mozkelby

    When we get our dedicated server, which will be pretty soon, we'll have the server-power to add in more custom objects such as these. In the meantime, I've gotta say, you've done a super good job. Including small built-in easter-eggs in structures like this would be pretty awesome too, especially for new players.