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  1. bouda118

    It’s no hidden secret we currently don’t have a dev. People need to understand devs don’t just fall out of the sky at the click of a finger. We have had applications open but at the end of the day arma has seen better days and most remaining devs are EU/NA or in the modded community. To implement changes we need a dev who can actually code arma/AL as well as work around our AC, otherwise it just ends in servers like A3O. We will continue to look for viable applicants or a middle ground.
  2. AoW finest gamer mans. That blackfish slam is still pog
  3. POSTPONED Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been postponed. We will keep you updated with a new date in the near future.
  4. bouda118

    We have recently promoted new senior staff, one of their roles is handling events, If you have any ideas or events you want to see feel free to speak with @John @Asnee @AceWinchester They have been running minor events over the past week or two and we should have some calendared events popping up soon.
  5. bouda118

    From a managers perspective, we understand that roleplay is a crucial part of Altis Life for some players. We encouraged people back to Sydney with the return of office and other key aspects, however at the end of the day it comes down to the players to take the initiative and engage with each other. It is nice to see a post like this and hopefully we see civilians partaking in roleplay with police. We have some new additions in senior staff who would love to hear any ideas to liven up Sydney in terms of events aswell. Bouda / Kat
  6. bouda118

    The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
  7. bouda118

    Unfortunately they much prefer to go and get themselves all com banned.
  8. bouda118

    We just brought a new wave of QA gamers in ( Go suss out the QA if you are unfamiliar ), still looking for one to represent police. Pop yes, earnings no, IA gamers are crazy @Fitz and his crew carry the donations.
  9. bouda118

    ^ Was good to see ? We are working on bringing events consistently back into AL, We had a chat about it a few nights back with some planning tossed around, Shuffles and people with access to Zeus ( its a powerful tool that cant be given to just anyone ) is what has let them slip by the sideway but we are working on it. Thanks for the feedback ?
  10. bouda118

    This ^ Prices also affected by the active 40% discount which ends shortly.
  11. bouda118

    Changes to the armour meta Today we have fast tracked some changes into the content patch set to go live at 3pm with hopes that it will reduce the overall use of armoured vehicles on the server while promoting other vehicles and foot combat. With the BI patch to Ifrits shortly after the wipe and the removal of the door animation along with player concern, we feel now is the time to push for change as the armour on armour meta has existed for too long, has grown stale and delivers bad combat. Changes Striders added back and to become the primary rebel vehicle moving them away from the overuse of Ifrits. Ifrits are now priced at 3m for police and 4m for rebel. Slight price increase to Strider/Hunters. Drastically increased fuel consumption for all MRAPS. Increased chop prices of all MRAPS This will be a 2 week trial, everything listed on this post is subject to change. The initial phase is to see how striders hold up as they are an overall weaker vehicle (in both damage resistance and speed). We don't want to remove armoured vehicles, they are both an integral part of gameplay for police and rebel factions, current Ifrit prices are to promote the use of Strider over Ifrit (we are NOT wiping Ifrits from garages), After 2 weeks we will reassess and make changes based on feedback. Prior to commenting on this post, please take a look at damage charts to understand why we feel these changes are needed, (borrowed from Reddit) DAMAGE CHARTS Here Please use this thread to provide VALID feedback on these changes, anything deemed not valid will be hidden. Be sure to check out the devblog for all the new changes and contact DLC content added. Thanks, Bouda & Kat.
  12. bouda118

    Big ups gaymer.
  13. bouda118

    Best of luck with all future endeavors!
  14. bouda118

    APPROVED Discord and teamspeak channel created
  15. bouda118

    Pending Contact myself on Discord or Teamspeak to discuss this gang application further Discord - Bouda#4996 Teamspeak - Bouda