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    1. bouda118

      We need to land this missile in the ocean
    2. bouda118

      Learn Vehicle dismounts, Primarily Qilin and iffrit dismounts as that is majority of fights. Quick peeking and combat stance is also essential. Alot of it is going to come down to grinding KOTH/CQC servers to better your aim and learn recoil control etc. Practice makes perfect. Try find some youtube videos that show you the basics of CQC and build off that. ( even frag montages can help with stances and things to give you an idea) @Chadd Hit him with some input
    3. bouda118

      Not as popular as most fights take place at Cp1, But universal calls across most servers for Cp2 also.
    4. bouda118

      Strat book leaked Straight up roaching anyone on C*nt that’s all I’m saying 2016 arma in 2019. “”WhAtS CaRtEl CoMbAt”” @eu ping @Truma
    5. bouda118

      Should just remove it. It didn’t serve its purpose of removing any EU players. Just pushed people away like jack and many others who have commited hundreds of hours to the server.
    6. bouda118

      Feeling some Deja vu right about now. If the ping limit was indeed added all it achieved was pushing people away. Most EU players sit well below 300 ping so it did/does nothing to them. Asian countries and people with a bad link is all it countered. :FeelsJackMan:
    7. bouda118

      Inb4 Team AL is stacked with GD GL to all!
    8. bouda118

      Best of luck with all future endeavors Aug!
    9. bouda118

      Sad day seeing you step down sir. Best of luck with future endeavours!
    10. bouda118

      Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness
    11. bouda118

      How did you not die from that helicopter yeeet
    12. bouda118

      I have seen contracting groups work extremely well on other servers, Forcegaming had Blackwater which was a step above the police force they were essentially a PMC. GTA had NATO, When NATO were called rebels ran for the hills. I don't see contractors having a big of part to play as they have on other servers but i want to see them included, Adds another faction of roleplay, More combat to KoS zones and more numbers the APD can call on in times of need, I think they need to be Incorporated better somehow though, No bigger meme than seeing "SIS responding to bank" than half of them killed by the APD
    13. bouda118

      You should have also been included in the list of worlds most laggy players
    14. bouda118

      First of all, i feel its time to clear the air on AoW a little bit and try change the way people perceive us ( After that we will move onto ramming ), Everyone is entitled to an opinion but its easy to have an image drawn without the full backstory. We have 3 EU players in a 20 man gang. ( Can anyone actually name them, Or is it presumed all AoW is EU when you die?) who won’t be affected by the ping change they all play well below the change ( 500 to 400 was actually pretty high anyway in hindsight it's a minor change ). This restriction will have a bigger effect on Australians with internet that spikes and other foreign players on the server with a bad link. Example: Jeb, Jot, iamjack, Chris, Bob, luke, Home, We are painted as the big bad rebel gang that's out to dismantle the police force, however this isn’t the case. Most of us want to see the APD succeed, we need them to survive for us to survive. The current state of the server is fueled by Cop vs Rebel content and one cannot operate without the other. A few of our members may occasionally bash cops, but this goes both ways. There are multiple cops who enjoy the banter and memes ( Toxicity is punished ) . We currently have a decent relationship with a number of police players in and outside of the game and we’d like to keep it that way. We have helped the server progress which a lot of people don’t recognise ( See below ) - Rejected bribery and an attempted poaching from another server and stuck by while other top gangs left. - Provide feedback on both police and rebel faction - Provided content in the form of media to the community (Montages, etc) - Worked with senior staff on event and event ideas - “Adopt A Gang” Program, Were we work with smaller gangs to help grow them. - Worked with @James32 to create a rebel discord for ALL rebel players and gangs - Provided CQC and OG arm servers at our expense for anyone to use and practice. We are one of the only few top gangs left in the server. There’s currently AoW and Sequel who stand a fighting chance against the police in major crimes. If you push the rebels out, the cops will spend most of their time in Sydney and major crimes will become dead content. There are many reasons why the APD is currently struggling at major crimes, 2-3 EU players is not one of them. The leading factor we feel is armour on armour, You stack multiple officers into a hunter and the driver is often someone who does not know who to deal with rams, which results in multiple deaths for stupid reasons ( Ramming is an art, If not done correctly you die ) . For someone that is experienced with how ramming works, they’re going to have an advantage over someone who doesn’t regardless of the ping difference between the two drivers. Moving forward, Personally and alot of us within the gang agree the problem lies with armour on armour ramming, Coupled with people who don't understand how ramming works and the fact that Arma 3 has terrible physics when it comes to collisions. Having a high ping might have some minor advantage but not to the point its game breaking. A good example here is the APD has some very high ping players who always die to rams as they don't understand how it works. There are multiple factors that contribute to the broken state of ramming on the server. -FPS -Multiple people and vehicles in a single area. (Refer to the start of this video around 20 seconds in) Here) Credit @Asnee -Server performance -Hitbox ( Here , Sorry lads blew the design budget on EU Recruitment ) -Ping Spikes and bandwidth -Broken Arma Physics ( Refer too Here ) With everything stated above its easy to see why it should be looked into, There are so many factors that can change the outcome of if someone lives or dies. Examples of how ramming is broken and server performance issues underload (None of these were done by players with high ping): Example 1. ( Both Australian, Both 20 ping ) Example 2. ( Space ifrit from Australian on Australian ram ) Example 3. ( AoW dying to tower lag ) Example 4. ( Example of what EU deals with on AU servers ) Example 5 ( Another example of server lag and towers ) Rather than attempting to push out certain players within the community with a band-aid fix, Look at one of the leading causes that promoted the recent change and some ideas below to better it 1. Leave armour on armour a thing, Continue to let it cause issues and people complain. 2. Move it to the VDM ruleset, Remove ramming all together ( This will still probably upset people as its essential to rebel combat against HMG etc etc ) 3. ( Personally my favorite ) Add a seatbelt script as people have suggested. If seatbelt is active and you are rammed vehicle is disabled but you take no damage, Can't decamp ( leave vehicle ) until seatbelt is removed ( put on timer so it has risk v reward ) If seat belt is not active, You die as normal. ( This solution would also benefit sydney and trolls. ) ( Unsure the limitations on this though ) Credit to Martyn 4. Alternative fix not listed Closing Statement, At the end of the day this change doesn't affect how we will play on the server, If you wish to dislike us you are well within your rights, Just remember its a video game, We want to see all parties enjoy every aspect of the server its disheartening to see a few people with a target on their backs because people are upset. Believe it or not the EU lads are good dudes who have issues versing AU people too most of them play straya as a safe haven to chill and relax on ( They even enjoy playing police in the offpeak hours ), They use qilins as generally ifrits blow up and they die on impact. Both parties experience tower lag when the server is underload, Its unavoidable, Majority of us too hate ramming, Its bad combat and dirty. But its within the ruleset. I would rather throw us into the spotlight and let people see a little of what normally isnt if it opens a discussion on a fix Rather than have people pushed out of the community on both sides, Finally credit to @Wex For help and input provided in this post. Hopefully this can turn into a civil discussion and not expload into some toxic aids.
    15. bouda118

      I don’t think @Michael Steiner meant any harm with this post. It was just posted at a really really bad time. +1 meme. Alot of little things bottled over between factions as of late, At the end of the day this is a video game, Everyone needs to be enjoying it, We might be rebels and cops ingame, But outside of it were all apart of the same community. Leave the ingame beef in the game and work together outside of it to better the server for both factions.
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