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    1. bouda118

      Pending Contact me on Discord or Teamspeak to discuss this gang application further Discord - Bouda#4996 Teamspeak - Bouda
    2. bouda118

      //PENDING Terms to be discussed in gangs discord.
    3. bouda118

      Pending Contact me on teamspeak
    4. bouda118

      Best of luck with all future endeavors!
    5. bouda118

      APPROVED Discord and teamspeak channel created
    6. bouda118

      Pending Contact myself on Discord or Teamspeak to discuss this gang application further Discord - Bouda#4996 Teamspeak - Bouda
    7. bouda118

      The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig.
    8. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event. Congratulations to the below listed teams WINNERS 1st. Epic Gaymers 2nd. 9 Lives 3rd. General Duties Unfortunately we couldn't run the predictions event as we had a team drop out at the last minute and the brackets changed, i have a list of first blood kills that i will contact the winners over the next few days ( or feel free to contact me on ts or ingame ) That concludes this event, thanks to all who participated and staff who helped run it, if you have any other ingame events you would like to see feel free to contact me on discord or ts!
    9. Event postponed due to current server migration, Event will run on the 14th at 5pm. Teams may allow changes to cater if people can’t make it, Bracket format will change to suit team numbers and predictions reset for tomorrow
    10. Epic Gaymers Breezy - 76561198133386627 Gay Dave - 76561197993570169 Jdog - 76561198827378534 Martinez - 76561198250841680 Connor Mcgregor - 76561198148166004 Wallzy - 76561198273383869
    11. bouda118

      Rise up gamers
    12. bouda118

      Nice Montage Gamer +1
    13. bouda118

      All good things come to an end gaymers. First and foremost you will still see us around as a registered gang, Just as a smaller casual gang ( IRL has taken over for alot of the lads with work and uni ) . Its been a journey along the way against both rebels and the APD. To the boys Papaj Rogue1911 Son Chae-Yung Pad0s What started as a Sydney meme and soon become one of the biggest gangs straya had seen, We had ups and downs but grew into the powerhouse gang. To the lads who we picked up/came back /Joined in along the way Gucci Truma AustrianTrapLord Hope Jebus Preacher La volpe Ethanface DaCrazyAsian Buster Knut Yun Jesse Wasabi J-Dogs Marko Salt Toby josh Gov Tyrone Breezy Smiladon Cougah Chadd Truthy Jammir rvZz Caiden Donk Slade henny Swanky Wallzy Rhys Beckett Tonic Wex Zed Bevo Jack Leef Sebastian Bit of a Pleb You all played a part in creating the new era of AoW 2.0. We sat strong for a year. We archived pretty much everything that was possible as a gang, Including 9 straight fed wins. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of mongs to carry the gang name after the revamp. To the APD, We had our differences, Its time to put that aside. Some of the best fights we had in arma came from you guys, There were clashes and issues over the year but it was expected. o7 :fedora: for all the feds and banks. I hope to see you grow and challenge under Corey. With that. AoW signs out as the big boys. We will be on and around but its time for someone else to rise up as the big gang and take the flame. This isnt the first time we have gone on hiatus, We will be back one day! Until than I look forward to my next project within the community! With that the last [AoW] Bouda montage that will be seen for awhile, Much love to RvZz for the edit :loveheart:
    14. bouda118

      +1 to qilin, offroad HMG is pretty trash, Its more a meme than anything +1 to clothing If you add flags to gangbases they just become another capture point. Theres 3 on the map already, 6 just makes majority of them redundant and they become dead content. The new gangbase system is a pretty cool concept and with some minor tweaking could work well and another means of unique combat too.
    15. bouda118

      Catch Fam Goodluck with future endeavours!
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