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  1. dasweetdude

    Hey Gnarls how you going mate haven't seen you around as much these days but welcome back none the less. I remember playing with ya in the realism unit when l joined Strayagaming.
  2. dasweetdude

    Catching back up some of the old introductions and Welcome to Strayagaming mate. l hope you have been enjoying I&A. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy
  3. dasweetdude

    Its abit past the welcome post for you bud how you been going haven't seen you around as much these days hows work and life treating you?
  4. dasweetdude

    Welcome to Strayagaming mate l am catching back up on a lot of the new members introductions which aren't so new now l will get around to them all. Hope to see you around the community still. If you need any help with anything don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy.
  5. dasweetdude

    Welcome back
  6. dasweetdude

    Cup Weapons , Mas Vehicles & Weapons , RHS any Weapons Pack or Vehicles Pack everyone likes would be good. Give us more assets even gives the enemy more assets and more things for zues would be good too.
  7. dasweetdude

    Hey Soul nice to meet you in the Altis Life Radio, Welcome to the community.
  8. dasweetdude

    A few people have been asking for a garry's mod server so l thought we should put up a poll vote to see which one everything thinks we should have. Cheers.
  9. Hey guys l wanted to put a post up for our I&A community to let everyone know abit of the direction that things are headed in. We are putting in a headless client for the invade and annex server to give you our players better frames and all round smoother experience. This is something new to I&A as we are moving a lot of the processing ability off your machines and onto the headless client itself. This of course will costs us a little bit more each month and we will really need the community to support this in our donations as we really want to be able to give you a better experience and there is a cost to better performance. Also we will be introducing something back for our donators as we will be putting in custom arm insignias and also different textures to all your favorite vehicles as well as being able to have these camouflages applied to yourself when on the battlefield. So we will keep you all posted with the updates as they are applied.
  10. dasweetdude

    Some nice maps about if they be community maps or a couple of classics like cherno or Napf. I like Hindu, Lingor or Bornholm would be interesting. A few gun mods like HLC, Cup or Mas Weapons would be nice.
  11. dasweetdude

    I might buy it see what its like it looks good from what l have seen so far.
  12. dasweetdude

    Hey Charlie welcome to the community bud.
  13. dasweetdude

    First off l wanted to apologise to our staff and community. We were attacked on our teamspeak from some of our old staff because they were salty we let them go. The reason we let them go was because they weren't really performing to the best for you guys and causing problems within our staff and community with our players and not working as a team. I've heard a lot of bullshit and kept it pretty straight up with this guys but as its come down to it these guys were accused of abusing admin tools, loopholing and just pure filthy behaviour really and of course making things harder for other staff . Trying to play higher staff against each others decisions all types of manipulative and stupid behaviour. These guys were given permissions as staff members to be able to help setup the staff structure in the teamspeak and made themselves hidden accounts just incase. In the end as people saw they used these accounts to do bad to all our community players on teamspeak revoke all our staff tags and act like a pack of idiots really and delete everything . These guys were all once in my eyes decent staff members that were doing their best but all truths be told time changes some people. To cut this short we had a few rats eating holes in the ship from the inside so we had to throw them overboard. Problem being the rats keep eating holes from the outside in. So we had to get out the big stick and the rest is history. All these former staff members l had a lot of love and respect for personaly and so did a lot of other staff here but l think these actions have probably spoken who they really are. As l say all truths get told in the end and now yas know what's happened it might get twisted some other way but not from us. These former staff members were Lyricalbandit ,Brobeans and Brodiee. Once again our apologies for any problems caused at this time. We hope you all have a trouble free time now at Strayagaming Staff and we hope you all have a merry and safe christmas.
  14. dasweetdude

    Yeah mate whenever ya want a game hit us up
  15. dasweetdude

    We kinda got one we just never all played together skyzzy22,Delta,J17,myself,bee,saylon has it and l think Nolan does too.