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  1. Yo I signed up in 2015! only been banned once too! hell yeah can't wait to flaunt strayagaming veteran in help desk!!1!!
  2. Saundo

    you say the titan is used by cops as an anti troll device. since when were the cops moderators of the server? if its used as an "anti troll" device why isnt it staff using it? genuine question pls no delet comment thankx
  3. Saundo

    Cops are tops! Wait, nevermind.
  4. Saundo

    It's obviously made of cheese
  5. Saundo

    Nah you're all wrong. I thought this was funny so i posted it. Who the **** cares and have a giggle at my laugh at the end. EDIT: @d0nk is half correct. I agree with everything except the end talking about VLR.
  6. Saundo

    @Fitz do you know the fine line between potato reactions and one tap wall bangs from OPFOR? good luck
  7. Saundo

    1. Who are my two favourite people that no longer play Altis life anymore ;[ LickMyWhat??? and Smokey 2. What gang am I in? The swaggy sand crabs 3. How many gangs has Farensik been in on Altis Life? too many (we might kick him from sp yeah?) roleplay am i right 4. What is my spirit animal? Lollipop man DREDD_R 5. Should Brodie receive his retarded staff tag? yeah $1 coming my way ez pz
  8. Saundo

    I guess it's time to change that signature huh.
  9. Saundo

    My favourite cop has definitely gotta be Senior Constable Ash Bowden.
  10. Saundo

    @Frank Lucas Mk200's are still obtained through airdrops. Everything else you will still have to craft.
  11. Saundo

    It's adjustable do0d
  12. Saundo

    I've been using the Razer Ouroboros for the past 4 years and it's still going strong. It's completely adjustable with length/height. It's $160 on pccasegear - https://www.pccasegear.com/products/22366/razer-ouroboros-elite-ambidextrous-gaming-mouse It's a bit pricey but it has lasted me 4 years so it's worth it.