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    1. Augnov

      My time has come, thank you all for supporting me and motivating me to be the best I could be. I may not have got along with everybody but I will miss everyone and everything. Big thanks to my Cabinet / Command team and those in the staff team who helped me the most. Best of Luck to everyone on the server. To the current officers, you can only go as far as you think you can, if you have a goal it may take time but you can get there. Augnov
    2. Augnov

    3. Augnov

      //ACCEPTED// Join Command Lobby on Teamspeak to ger your tag removed.
    4. Augnov

      //DENIED// Although it has been a while since your blacklist while you were on the server at the end of last year when you got arrested you thought it would be funny to send the following messages over police dispatch You have not changed. Come back when you have.
    5. Augnov

    6. Augnov

    7. Augnov

    8. Augnov

      //DENIED// Try again next month.
    9. Augnov

      //DENIED// We have already told you that the claims of you leaking information were not backed up and were dropped months ago when this first occurred. You have a blacklist for making another arma 3 account to play rebel to get around taking leave. You may have done good work in detective and house painted a lot but you tried to get around a system that is very generous. It is simple to ask for a day of leave if you wanted one, as a detective you got 5 days. None of these appeals have said that you made another account and got caught. Don't bother appealing again until you understand this.
    10. Augnov

      //DENIED// The Commissioner can discipline as he sees fit regardless if there is a guideline.
    11. Augnov

      //ACCEPTED// Please speak to command team when you are next on teamspeak to get your tags.
    12. Augnov

      //PENDING// Your app is no longer on hold, you can now go for your interview
    13. Augnov

      @Jo_ I don't think you understand how many messages I get a day, when I am on cop I am watching cops, making sure CO's are doing the right thing. Going up to helpdesk to moderate the server. I don't have the time to immediately respond to your messages despite how important you think they are. If you have an issue with a cop put in a complaint form, I told you guys this last time. Why do you think you have the right to get all pissed off when I don't message back straight away. If you want your issue dealt with you wait and give me the evidence not the medic exam google form. Just remember that we all don't have enough time to make posts on the forums to have a cry when your message wasn't looked at. I will look at the evidence you gave me but if nothing happens it is not because the person reported is a high rank it is because they did nothing wrong. I make sure cops do the right thing and when they don't they get a discipline. Think before you speak https://imgur.com/a/LNhRrrU
    14. Augnov

      You have no idea what happened with zarco so please don't make assumptions on the police force due to it.
    15. Augnov

      //PENDING// We are currently looking into your appeal.
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