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  1. Skyfise

    You're thinking exactly what I was thinking!!! I deffinitely think that a new firefighter faction should be added and be given the drone!
  2. That's true, however their tasers actually require some shots to takedown, not a 1 tap
  3. @Armando Wolff aren't you dissapointed you weren't interviewed by 2Square after mass rdming in sydney? smh
  4. Skyfise

  5. Skyfise

    Shoot people ;D
  6. Skyfise

    So when can we legally dupe?
  7. Skyfise

    Join the wasteland team kappa
  8. Skyfise

    gd man is here
  9. Skyfise

  10. Skyfise

    Thanks ?
  11. Skyfise

    4HEAD, just spawn in spawn island smh
  12. Skyfise

    Atleast subscibe to my youtube b4 you go