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    1. Skyfise

      Shoot people ;D
    2. Skyfise

      So when can we legally dupe?
    3. Skyfise

      Join the wasteland team kappa
    4. Skyfise

      gd man is here
    5. Skyfise

    6. Skyfise

    7. Skyfise

    8. Skyfise

      4HEAD, just spawn in spawn island smh
    9. Skyfise

      Atleast subscibe to my youtube b4 you go
    10. Skyfise

      Occasionally its just parents watching dramas , otherwise i'm on like 30 ping
    11. Skyfise

      Just pretend the EU are 2 meters infront of what there vehicles actually are. Desync that area, leave a 2 meter gap on the desync and WALLAH, you just used their ping to your advantage (Atleast I'm pretty sure I did this)
    12. Skyfise

      i AGREE WITH BOBS STATEMENT, add war points aswell
    13. Skyfise

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