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  1. Zomboid

    Hey guys so after quite a break and some career changes and so fourth i thought i might come back, missed this community and some of the people in it hopefully some i used to know are still here! just waiting on some new parts for my computer and you'll start seeing me on more often, otherwise im gonna have to hang in the shadows of discord and the forums until then! hopefully get to know some new people and so fourth and have some fun! always keen for a chat Catchya later and see ya sometime and somewhere!
  2. Zomboid

    all the memories.. so many good memories of us playing on a local host server doing shits and gigs and trying to finish the mission... so happy to see this being an actual straya server :D
  3. those were the days... loved these events and miss them alot
  4. Zomboid

    im going to be brutally honest with you both sides do not have an advantage.. it is how you use the equipment given.. the tactics... the experience on all the equipment ( im not here to make flame or anything) but from my point of view from a chief inspector both sides are pretty well equipped to win in a battle.. using tactics will give you that.. yes cops can get better weapons.. but depends on the user.. yes cops can get good gear but depends on ether their trained with it... i'v been in plenty of situations where basically i have had to say everyone pull back thinking to myself that if we continue there gonna die.. cops die more then you actually think and rebels have a more advantage then you actually think ( like i say again not flamin or anything like that) NOW im not saying rebels always have the advantage.. i agree with you... yes srt can be called.. but thats if you go past peaches.. think smart create attention. rob people.. people do use 000 ( pls dont abuse that btw) we patrol everywhere note that when you follow us into Sydney means to take you down can be used... most rebels should know this.. like im saying i understand where your coming from srt can be called and BAM think smart use different tactics and srt might not get called... thats my little view <3
  5. Zomboid

    like leopard said. Welcome to strayagaming feel free to hit up staff for any help and we'd be happy to help with questions even myself! we greet any new players even from any other communities have fun and do anything! (within rules of course) - zomboid
  6. first off i want to say i love this place, i love the people, i love the staff and i love everything about strayagaming this place has been like a second family to me, yes theirs been ups and downs along the way but you'll never find a better community then strayagaming, a community that cares more about its players then itself, staff that are always their to help you, developers always listening to feedback given, over my many years i'v never found a better community then straya and i think i never will find a better one, you'll never find the most dedicated people, most dedicated gangs like the police force!, SP, Ainc and NTR, these 4 groups have shown great role play throughout my time being here and i hope they continue this reputation. from the day i became a green tick to the last day of being admin i'v always loved helping people no matter what the issue was, so with that note i love all you people that play strayagaming and continue making this community great! Goodbye my friends, love you all! ( no homo <3 ) For the ones interested in why i have left, well to continue into my apprenticeship in the upcoming 6 months i have to plan to run a restaurant for 2-4 days/nights this includes rosters, food, budget, what food, who is coming and a menu, after that i may come back or enlist in the navy as a chef or see where i go. ( haha on a boat full of seamen ) other then that i might be on here and there feel free to send me a msg if you ever want to have a talk or something, but goodbye my friends!
  7. Zomboid

    As much as i would like cops to have more media.. but from my administrative point of view.. i would put my say in and see what you can come up with on rebal.. maybe a bank/fed.. or drug runs.. cause then it might show both sides of altis are fun and full of roleplay
  8. Zomboid

    next time im avaliable for a chat ( doing some assignments for tafe ATM) i'll hook you up with some things and i think this could work really well
  9. Zomboid

    Nice and Tidy
  10. Zomboid

    YES the little jeeps on medics PLEASE
  11. Zomboid

    The uniform colours are staying (as far as i know) the icons... well what would they be... what would you like them to be?
  12. Zomboid

    The names are different but we dont need anymore rank lvls or anything like that... its mainly the role of what each person is given @LuckyB33f
  13. Zomboid

    There are going to be a few changes to the ranks of the medical services team of altis life this is going to be a change of name and roles These are seen below: For public medics seen playing regular will be given a rank of Trainee Paramedic - this will give them the permission to enter the designated city channels For white listed medics the name will be changed to Paramedic For Medic the name will be changed to Intensive Care Paramedic A new rank will be given to elected medic, this is Doctor - the doctor will stay inside Sydney and inside the rural area only inside a SUV and any patients taken back to hospital that have been revived the doctor will have to be called to the hospital 1 elected senior medic will be made the Paramedic Educator The rest of the senior medics names will be changed to Duty Control officer The deputy medics name will be changed to Executive Staff Officer The Chief medic will be changed to Career Paramedic Thank you for your time! - Chief medic zomboid @LuckyB33f @Lotza @Saylon @Cake @Roger Purple @Spectral @Fletcher @CringerFinger @Gotenks
  14. Zomboid

    +1 from me, lot basically said what was on my mind about this event, but i would love to see this happen and for the event, the medics involved would be allowed to fly
  15. Zomboid

    i'd be up for world of warships i play that all the time