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    1. pkisbest

      Hey I don’t kill that many civi’s. Most are accidental.
    2. pkisbest

      Webbie you seem to be talking to yourself...are you ok?
    3. pkisbest

      I think it should be the I&A helpers for that should be doing the teaching @Big Kev :P.
    4. pkisbest

      And the AH-9...
    5. pkisbest

      Pilots do currently have a restriction before your allowed to fly. It's 2 hours.
    6. pkisbest

      Pk’s Cave of chill 1859-pkisbest
    7. pkisbest

      We lose M9 but get Yeet... Can we do the opposite? Welcome back Yeet
    8. pkisbest

      God damnit M9. Whos gunna be my bitch in Management now. On a serious note, hope all goes well for ya brother.
    9. pkisbest

      The vehicle likely didn’t have space for it. In future I would use the Cargo Van, as it can fit something like 20 tubes in it.
    10. pkisbest

      If it becomes server side does it not become an essential mod? As in to play the server it’s required in order to play?
    11. pkisbest

      Honestly I think a modded I&A would be fun, but from a monetary point of view, I don’t think it would be worth the manpower and time required to do it. It’d be a weekly event at best, as I can’t see a modded I&A server being overly successful.
    12. pkisbest

      The pop up server still uses the I&A file, so adding any mods like RHS would require some what I can imagine to be extensive changing to it.
    13. pkisbest

      I mean, this could all be avoided if Wastelund and Altis Leaf just surrendered.
    14. pkisbest

      This poll is now closed. Thank you everyone for voting.
    15. pkisbest

      “Guns for Texas”
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