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    1. pkisbest

      The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
    2. pkisbest

      I could have gone on floating through space forever
    3. pkisbest

      From a personal standpoint it could be implemented well. The downside is that people who don’t have it, will just see you yeet up a wall... Which for some people could be a break from their immersion (a very small number of people). I’m all for it as I know how useful a mod it is and what it adds.
    4. pkisbest

      "AREA 51"
    5. pkisbest

      Simon are you drunk, or just in a really good mood
    6. pkisbest

      Yeah it’s pretty much how it’s unofficially treated at the moment. Players who do the side mission get first claim to the reward. If there’s no dibs after a length of time, or if the players who did the side mission give permission to do so, players are allowed to grab them as they please.
    7. pkisbest

      A simple solution would be for whoever completed the mission to claim it within a specific time limit (say 15mins).
    8. pkisbest

      Strayagaming happened Fitz...
    9. pkisbest

      Events (as in Zeus events) only run Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Every other day is regular business as usual. Unless you count Maldon Monday’s and Tanoa Tuesdays/Thursday’s as events. In which case yeah there is kinda events every day. The main thing is that it is up to you whether you wanna play them or not.
    10. pkisbest

      From early reports it’s similar to Apex. Every will have it installed, only people who have paid it will be able to use it.
    11. pkisbest

      As stated earlier, it’s on the cards for discussion. We trialled TFAR on Sunday. Unsure of its success as I missed most of the OP, but I’m sure both of those mods will be the topic of discussion in the next week or two amongst the Community Team Members (myself and Josh I believe) and the I&A staff. As well as the mission makers of course.
    12. pkisbest

      This is basic missions that are meant to be fun, shortish and enjoyable. Hence why as it stands we aren’t using ACE at the moment. It’s on the cards for a potential use, but it would be basic. I want to specify that we very well may never use ACE due to constraints in people who aren’t familiar with the medical systems. Plus it is down to the higher ranking staff what mods are allowed on the server. The missions are layed out before the players start. No units are added to the mission in progress. This is usually done by the primary Zeus ( whoever is the mission creator).
    13. pkisbest

      Can we get a title for Kerry? “Arma 3 DLC Guy”. The man knows this shit before we all do.
    14. The AI are great at RP. They sell you goats to slaughter but hide IED’s in them. It’s hilarious.
    15. Sooo, all I’m seeing is we remove Straya AL and replace it with another permanent Straya I&A. Excellant plan
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