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    1. pkisbest

      Can we get a title for Kerry? “Arma 3 DLC Guy”. The man knows this shit before we all do.
    2. The AI are great at RP. They sell you goats to slaughter but hide IED’s in them. It’s hilarious.
    3. Sooo, all I’m seeing is we remove Straya AL and replace it with another permanent Straya I&A. Excellant plan
    4. pkisbest

      Its a 265mm Spud Gun. Can destroy buildings in 3 shots
    5. pkisbest

      Fallujah. Give everyone PTSD
    6. pkisbest

      Some things that would need to be addressed before it would be implemented would by how the Commander slot would be whitelisted. My initial recommendation would be for veterans to have access to this slot. Another thing would be the Commanders not only being biased towards their friends in terms of assets. But again, you would hope veterans could be trusted enough to not be like this.
    7. pkisbest

      E.g. Completing the Prisoner Mission (arguably the hardest) + 25 points. Whereas something more simple like the radar or the AA mission would be like 10 points. For things like the secure caches i suppose you could do like 5 points per cache. Then we can give a value of like 50 points for things like Blackfoot's or kajmans, like 75 for an Armed BF. Then lower amounts for things like Shitty tech's, bush pig, Orca and the like.
    8. pkisbest

      So as it stands the Commander plays a relatively obsolete role. I'm not sure if it actually has functions that do anything at the moment. What my recommendation would be is to overhaul how the Side Mission reward system works. Allow it so that Each side mission gives the players a certain number of points (depending on difficulty of mission). The commander can then use these points to "buy" assets for the friendly forces. The only restriction i would have, is to limit the Commander to approved users, so that rando's can't just join and buy random stuff. I also realise that to implement this it would require a monumental effort from the dev team. Tis just an idea.
    9. pkisbest

      Any trolls or players that are causing a major disturbance should be reported immediately. To get a staff member, either jump into TS and into the Invade and Annex support channel, or type admin ingame (this will ping a staff member. If no response, go to TeamSpeak).
    10. pkisbest

      You a map dev or something Kerry? Or do you just google this shit?
    11. pkisbest

      It has been an honour and pleasure to serve as a server moderator for this server.
    12. pkisbest

      When James successfully overthrows Overlord Red.
    13. pkisbest

      To keep it in theme with the north section, somewhere around Orekastro would be my recommendation. However there is already a FOB that spawns in that area (and is responsible for that area).
    14. pkisbest

      Uav operator

      When a UAV Operator respawns they spawn without a UAV Terminal or a Radio.
    15. pkisbest

      Hey I don’t kill that many civi’s. Most are accidental.
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