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  1. Angel

    I do not believe tokens are the result of the server coming back to life. The map change and reduction of vehicle prices was more of an impact. I would be interested to see the stats on the current individuals who farm money and what their AI kill count per session is as this would be indicative of how many tokens they would gain from doing this. Correct me if I am wrong but this is the core argument that players would farm tokens and not engage in PVP allowing them faster access to token vehicles. Is the gain by allowing 1 token for 100 AI kills actually significant enough to warrant such opposition ? Does it actually discourage PVP? I'm not convinced. However am interested in any stats you have that show otherwise.
  2. Angel

    My 2 valuable cents is I agree with Fubez. Any player willing to farm 100 AI kills deserves a token. Why are we being so tight with tokens ? If you want to buy a high end vehicle for 2 seconds before someone blows you up with their Verona then good on you least you are one of the few who actually uses your tokens. New players do not find it easy to get 10 kills in a game, you only need to look at the scoreboards to know this, your average player is getting 1 token a game maybe 2. That is if they last long enough on the server before rage quitting because they are constantly getting annihilated. ( probably another discussion) If people are farming then good on them, there really isn't much PVP worth if there is only 5 of you on a server. We are all waiting with bated breath to hear about the "direction" of the Wasteland server....... Anyway good suggestion Fubez good to see someone is looking out for the newbs ?
  3. Angel

    We <3 @Angel