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    1. Zombine45

      You'd turn around pretty fast too if you were being shot in the back. Headshots are important, and if they don't see you, then you have plenty of time to line it up. Also, the bots can hear you, so if you're sprinting around there's a good chance they'll turn towards the sound.
    2. Zombine45

      We had the Zamak MRL in for a while as a veteran only vehicle, but people abused it so it was removed.
    3. Zombine45

      If the bots are looking in the direction you're coming from, you're probably going to die. If you come up behind them they probably won't see you.
    4. Zombine45

      Finally an OP i can go to because it isn't on a Sunday during the daytime!
    5. Zombine45

      There are many people who don't know how to use the arsenal, atleast once a night someone comes on the server and asks how to use it. Even though there's a tutorial built into the game for it....
    6. Zombine45

      As much as i'd love to be there i'm busy on sundays. As for using a community zeus @webbie You'll just have to pick someone you think is capable. I don't even know how you'd conduct a 'zeus test'. I guess see if they've got the achievement for doing the zeus tutorial in arma?
    7. Zombine45

      "No mods will ever be used" Well that went away real quick.
    8. Zombine45

      The vehicle inventory editor can solve this problem very easily. Look for the spaces marked "Inventory" in the car park and crate area to use them.
    9. Zombine45

      Slat armour isn't this magic stop all protection, it MIGHT save you from an RPG shot that probably wouldn't have killed you anyway. It generally reduces damage by an amount, it does NOT negate it. I'm not saying this is how it works in the real world or that this system is realistic, but this is how it works in game. The Rhino is a thinly armoured vehicle and the slat armour is really just a waste of weight and i wouldn't bother with it. If you've got the Rhino in a position where it can be hit by an RPG, then you're playing it wrong. As for the one tap missile launcher, bohemia are idiots. The Vorona is an instant kill on any vehicle in top-attack mode and it ignores IR smoke, so the only way to not get killed is to not be locked onto, and the only way to do that is to not be seen. Like i said in the previous post, put the tank in a position where as little as possible is visible, or just be as far away as humanly possible, OR so close that they can't lock onto you properly. Your choice. @Hope The engine in the Slammer is in the front so its MUCH more likely to get damaged when being shot at, it's designed to protect the crew and passengers.
    10. Zombine45

      They've said they wont be running any mods on the server.
    11. Zombine45

      Are there any restrictions/rules? Like no thermal bullshit? Or no 3rd person? Any vehicles usable?
    12. Zombine45

      For who can play the zeus? Maybe just I&A vets at first, then maybe expand to an application based whitelist?
    13. Zombine45

      @webbie What i mainly meant was to have a normal zeus file up on a saturday night, with a zeus slot and normal player slots, and have sort of 'impromptu' missions, so normal players can do zeus. All this in addition to the planned ops on sundays.
    14. Zombine45

      I recall someone mentioning that with the Achilles mod you can set some sort of zeus whitelist, what are the chances of seeing zeus's on the event server that aren't the main server admins? I think it would also be cool to have the server open at other times, with just a standard zeus mission file. (Not all the time, but maybe saturday nights?) I mainly suggest this because my Sundays are very busy during the day time and i won't be able to attend any of the events in the future. I went to great lengths moving things around to be at the last one.
    15. Zombine45

      Ah, i didn't realise, sorry. Someone said there was four at some point and i just took it as fact. As for what happened with the general, Demon was asked to come in and sweep the town and secure the general, i personally never saw the general and by the time i actually got to the crash site (Got caught up deactivating some mines), his objective had failed (I'm assuming he was killed).
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