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  1. Kalthramis

    But that'd require a Zeus to actually be on I had thought I'd replied to this thread, but I fully endorse it. Defends are fun, and being able to actually prep for one would be even more fun. Encouraging more FOB use isn't a bad thing at all, either.
  2. Kalthramis

  3. Kalthramis

    There's a few issues with this. You aren't wrong, it would be cool, but there are some fences that would have to be climbed. Keep in mind I am not part of the development, or even the moderator staff. Just another user. First up, Straya is technically a monetized server. This means that every mod put on the server needs the permission of the creator for it to be legally allowed, as per Bohemia's terms of service. Second, although I LOVE TRYK, it is not officially on the steam workshop. A mod that isn't on the workshop is a mod not worth having, as it isn't hooked up to the launcher, and less people are likely to get it. Thirdly, more servers means more cash. It costs $120 Aussie dollars to run the I&A server, and although we do always hit the mark and then some, tossing up another server (which would have a smaller playerbase, and need a larger moderator team) could get expensive quickly. While I do dream of mods on I&A and/or more servers, these are the current hurdles.
  4. Kalthramis

    Ye, even 60 nets some pretty big lag. More servers could be an option, but that's also more cash.
  5. Kalthramis

    Speaking of donator benefits, how 'bout dem skinz?
  6. Kalthramis

    I'd be a big fan if there were multiple UAV slots, ex one is combat-focused with a Falcon, and the other is support focused with Darters and ammo UGVs/UAVs or if the UAV operator could pick a few to use. Ex., with 3 slots total; focus on air superiority with the Falcon (taking up all 3 slots), armed UGV when there's no allied armor (2 slots), unarmed UGV when just support is needed (1), UAVs (1), darters being free.
  7. Kalthramis

  8. Kalthramis

    This, yeah. If it's possible, it may be better to have more FOBs that change locations more often, but are easier to set up, than the current versions, which are generally untouched. Expanding the rule set for the hummingbird to "Fly to FOB or to side mission" could help a little with activity, as well as adding arsenal to the FOBs and more respawns (or even infinite respawns) when taking a medical truck/lift there. Though I'm not a fan of "ez pz" content, I&A is ez pz, and it would get people into the action quicker.
  9. Kalthramis

    Could we get custom difficulty flipped on for the server? I'm not a big fan of group indicators, crosshairs, "haxor enemy detector", and so on. Ruins mah imershun, and since this is PvE, shouldn't cause any balancing issues.
  10. Kalthramis

    I did make a basic "FOB builder" Zeus framework that was suppose to do just that. Could only spend X-resources on defenses and could only build them around a truck. I had intended it to be a unique slot ala UAV Operator; someone could drive a 'construction truck' to an AO, build a small base, then use it. Could even place static defenses. But I heard Quicksilver wants to make static deployable small FOBs one day, so I didn't finish it. (Probably same concept, just using scroll wheel to pick a prebuilt small base rather than building one in Zeus.)
  11. Kalthramis

    Medics are meant to be spread out between groups, rather than clumped together. This also isn't much of an RP server. Reviving an average soldier should be the same priority as reviving a medic, as well; everyone wants to be able to play the game. This would cause medics to be prioritized, which could just lead to hurt buttholes. It would also encourage medic clumping, which isn't a good idea in I&A.
  12. Kalthramis

    @InfamousNova eh it's just for fun and imagining. Haven't got into a milism unit because they require too much time and dedication, and i've yet to find one with a modpack that doesn't crash the game
  13. Kalthramis

    To get some activity stirring and possibly dig up some idea gems, let's say you theoretically get to add, change, and overhaul Invade and Annex however you want. Imagine you have an army of Quicksilvers with too much spare time, and you're in charge. What would you change? What would you add, or remove? What features, missions, and ideas would you want in your version of I&A?
  14. Kalthramis

    yeah whitelisted engineer would be rad, since theyre always taken by guys in sniper gear. Limiting AI to 2 per group would fix the issue of someone taking all of them.
  15. Kalthramis

    More specifically, do you mean enemy AI in the AO, allied AO at base that are recruitable, for pilots, for infantry, what specifically do you mean when some join you and there's no one else in your group? This lacks and details to be considered or discussed. What I can say in general about adding more AI (bear in mind I am not a server developer or even staff), is more AI means more server load which means lower frames and more lag. Adding more isn't something that can be done liberally.