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    1. Flex

    2. Flex

      gg kid. moving on uppppp

    3. Flex

    4. Flex

      AV PNX Cop Minion Meme Randall Model
    5. Flex

      You smeel

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      2. Flex


        its Leo Pard


        ty for gud english


      3. Leopard


        omfg.... CRINGE!

      4. Flex


        its ok Leo Pard


    6. Flex

      Bang bb. Haven't Seen you in ages fam <3 Got them good old memories of the AV, Phoenix and cop days
    7. Flex

      So i have been inactive on this community for quite some time. I was a full time dedicated cop but now i have kinda lost interest. Not having a poke at anyone or how things are run but playing on this server is just doing the same thing over and over again with no sorta change. My reasoning for being inactive within Straya is because I'm in the process of applying into the ADF (Australian Defence Force) and because of the reasons stated above. Its a long shitty process to apply but its gonna be great. I'm taking time off to study and get ready for interviews and such. I hope to be back in a few weeks and get back into the swing of things. Kind Regards, Flex
    8. Flex

      Grats in Trial Mod man. you deserve it :D

    9. Flex

      @Sam I Am looks amazing in his photo Your making me jealous with these graphics Smokey
    10. Flex

      Dear the Strayagaming Community, This post is not attacking nor singling out an indiviual with in the community. This is just a rant about a huge topic... Terrorism RP has to stop... It way be fine to a certain extent but over the past week its been taken too far. A 'Terrorist' on Altis Life is a person who robs banks, kills civilians etc. However, people who say 'Allah Akbar' at a police officer or to another civilian is a bannable offence. I know this may be stated in the rules but its had a huge impact on a few people including me. Although i have no ties to islam or their practices, its just not tolerated and has no place within the Strayagaming community. I have lost my temper a few times because of this occurring. Its not on... Im really hoping this message is clear enough for everyone to understand and i hope i made enough sense Sincerely, ~Flex
    11. Flex

      Easy Long Sleeve T-Shirt design. Would be a good look tbh. *Sorry im not too creative *
    12. Flex

      Only level 15 but k *btw i got the Lapras out of a 10km egg 5 mins before posting this*
    13. Flex

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