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    1. Adz 235

      Perhaps the separation of UAV into a Long Range/"Fast" mover UAV Operator as in access to sentinel, greyhawk and falcon then a second for Quad copter and Octo? copter drones like darter, pelican and it's medical variant. The UGV is up for discussion tho
    2. Adz 235

      With regards to the bunching up of enemy vehicles this can occur due to the squad/group dynamic as they will follow formations if under the leadership of another vehicle and well arma's stellar ai will do the rest... This can be resolved by ungrouping the vehicles, holding down LCTRL + LMOUSE Button after selecting the individual vehicles in the group then releasing the LMouse Button in an area without ai/vehicles will allow you to unbound the group allowing the zeus to give vehicles individual orders thus providing more control over their positioning
    3. Adz 235

      Overall good job snohman With regards to the static position for tanks it may be better to place the tanks down before the start but with no crew then place crew in them as needed. Me and persona found tank spawning in and teleporting while we were perch on hills. If their is friendly infantry pushing into town perhaps give them armored vehicles that aren't also the tanks support vehicles.
    4. Adz 235

      Quick questions Are Zeus ops limited to NATO or will their be opportunities to play as either CSAT/Indepent/other BLUFOR forces like Gendarmerie? If mods are used in this server (including zeus mods)? If mods are used perhaps have a look at Arma 3 Aegis mod as a way to introduce mods as it uses vanilla assets with modification and some new vehicles and toys. Are fighter planes locked to I&A payload or vanilla If Achilles is used: Will their be custom creations either deployed or given to players like the recon quad or mortar truck. Op ideas: Operation Bunker Buster MISSION OBJECTIVE: Clear all bunkers, fortified position, artillery and bunkered AA position. Neutralise reinforcements and capture the area Rescue P.O.Ws/civilians CSAT/AAF has fortified their northern base on the island of Malden and made it a temporary prison as they establish martial law after our invasion in the south with support from the damaged USS Liberty we are to capture the old base on the northern part of the island, rescue prisoners and reduce the AA threat. Following this they must hold the position against a counter attack from the south and the airport to the east. No CAS or helicopters due to AA threat on a island. MAP PREFERENCE: Malden old, ruined military compound. SQUAD SETUP/REQUIRED ASSETS : Minimum requirement Phase 1: (beach assault) x1 Drone operator (integrated into a squad or command team) x1 Command team x2 Squads x1 Amphibious APC x2 Speedboats/RHIB or x4 assault boats x4 assault boats (reinsert vehicles) x1 MK41 VLS Phase 2 (Defense): 5min reinforcement time before counterattack remaining phase 1 assets capture assets x1 mortar x4 HMG static x2 GMG static x2 AA titan static CAS\FSG STATUS: No CAS. VLS at Drone Operators discretion (1 Salvo of Laser guided and no cluster missile.) WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Standard NATO uniform and any weaponry you like as per assigned class. examples: Engineers/UAV/Crewman=Carbine/Sub machine-gun Squad/Team leader/Medic/Light AT/Rifleman=Rifles Auto-rifleman=Machine guns etc.. IMPORTANT NOTE: Fortified position should have placeable statics in crates, ammo, meds and 1-2 enemy APCs available. Enemy vehicles could be damaged and unable to move but still able to operate the armaments. 5min reinforcement time before counterattack. Joint force so of AAF/CSAT armour and light rotatory aircraft. No Jets Operation Penal Liberty MISSION OBJECTIVE: A small plausible deniable NATO team was sent in to the high security prison to free prisoners and extract the NATO officer. Players are prisoners in CSAT prison that suddenly and mysteriously able to break out. Most Players only have clothes and must scavenge weaponry from dead bodies, the armory or meet up with NATO team. Goal survive for allocated time or make it to extraction. SQUAD SETUP/REQUIRED ASSETS : x1 squad (all medics, locked to rifles) x1 officer penal units extraction vehicles (hemtt transport, huron, etc...) CAS\FSG STATUS: No support at all. WEAPONS\UNIFORM: NATO team locked to rifles rest are civilian IMPORTANT NOTE: extraction 2km from prison. no vehicles they can use between the 2km limit.
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